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At SESCO Cement, we’re a vertically integrated company, which means we have entire divisions devoted to manufacturing, trading and logistics so that you always get top-quality building materials on time. With satellite locations at critical junctions and seaports around the world, we’re the leading privately-owned white and gray cement terminal for all your construction needs.


SESCO is dedicated to sustainability and continuity for your material needs. Owning our manufacturing facilities from the Royal and Cleopatra white cement plants in El Minya, Egypt, to partnering with the leading Nuh gray cement in Turkey simplifies our sourcing. Our enduring strategic partnerships ensure resilience throughout our business, from the ground up.


SESCO always delivers for you, with an entire sector of our global business devoted to shipping logistics. As a part of an international group with its own fleet of vessels and trucks, SESCO is backed by one of the largest global leaders in the material transportation industry. From warehouses at ports, to privately owned stevedoring equipment, we focus on both resilience and efficiency in our supply chain to meet your needs on time, at all times.


SESCO’s network of strategically located global terminals are all-inclusive sites capable of handling, storing, and packaging bulk materials. As part of our connected network, we’ve streamlined the process with our own ship unloaders, conveying systems, warehousing, dome storage silos, with access to rail so that we’re positioned to store and deliver to anywhere in the world.

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