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Cement products palletized in bags at SESCO Cement

Find Quality Cement Products in Bags at SESCO Cement

Are you looking for quality cement products in easy-to-transport bags? SESCO Cement has the products you need and a reliable system that ensures efficient delivery to your location.

Our bagging machines and automated palletizing equipment ensure you have what you need in stock according to your customers’ needs. Find out about the benefits of sourcing bagged cement from SESCO.

The Value of Purchasing Bagged Cement from SESCO

There are several reasons why building supply stores may opt to purchase cement in bags for their customers. Which reasons resonate with your company?

  • Convenience: Bagged cement offers convenience in handling and transportation. Transporting bags is especially easier for stores where truck access may be limited or if nearby space is restricted.
  • Flexibility: Ordering cement in bags allows for greater flexibility in managing customer demand. Stores can purchase a specified amount, helping minimize waste and excess inventory.
  • Ease of Storage: Bagged cement can be stored more easily on-site, such as inside an adjacent storage location or warehouse. Then, when demand picks up, you can easily relocate the bagged cement to store shelves.
  • Reduced Risk of Contamination: We use specialty bags that reduce the risk of contamination. Each bag contains an inner polypropylene liner to keep out moisture, while the outer paper layer is meant to withstand damage during use.

SESCO Stocks Quality Cement Products

SESCO is proud to stock a variety of core cement mixtures that will be useful for your customers. Whether you need to stock masonry cement or Portland cement, we have several gray and white cement formulations to select from in bagged quantities.

Gray Masonry Type N & S

This standard masonry mix is an excellent choice to support your customers in numerous types of jobs.

  • Type N is commonly used for above-grade, non-load-bearing walls in residential and commercial projects.
  • Type S is ideal for below-grade and load-bearing applications that need more compressive strength.

White Masonry Type N & S

With the same strength and usability as its gray counterpart, white masonry cement offers the added bonus of brilliant white color and purity.

Gray Portland Type I/II

Gray Portland cement is a basic material used in various projects – from cast stone to pool construction. Our formulation boasts unmatched workability for your customers. Discover the benefits of filling your shelves with high-quality Portland cement bags.

White Portland Type I

Portland cement is a high-quality cement your customers can use for interior applications, finish work, or anywhere else where a clean, white color is ideal. White Portland cement has all the same qualities as gray but with enhanced color consistency.

Contact Us Today for Cement Products Your Customers Need

Ready to put in an order for bagged cement? Get in touch with the SESCO team today. We will walk you through the ordering process to ensure consistent delivery of quality cement products to your location.

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