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Cement Terminal Information

We have simplified and streamlined the process of picking up cement at our Houston terminal. As a cement importing terminal, our maintenance schedule is less complex, ensuring more uptime to handle your order.

What to Know About Our Cement Terminal

We make it easy for drivers to pick up or load cement. Find out more about the capabilities of our cement terminal.

Ship Unloader

  • Unload rate: 1,600 tons per hour
  • Receives 40,000 DWT shipments

Dome Storage

  • 140,000 tons storage capacity
  • 5 different bulk materials
  • Interconnected buffer silo system feeds directly from domes to bagging station / truck loading lanes.

Bulk Loading Lanes

  • 4 self-service truck loading lanes
  • 6 buffer silos (400 tons/ea.)

Bagging / Staging

  • 4 loading bays
  • Two rotary packing machines
  • Automatic pallet assembly line

Rail Network

  • Rail-served terminal with access to nationwide class-one rail networks

Information for Truck Drivers

Please use these handy instructions on how to access the terminal. For more commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQs.

Pick-Up Directions - SESCO Cement
  • The pickup address using Google Maps is 7472 Harbor Drive (also called JW Peavy), 77011 Houston, TX.
  • An on-site guard will direct your truck into the loading location.
  • The entrance is off Harbor/JW Peavey Drive west of 75th.
  • Drivers must enter via Navigation to 75th Street.
  • Do Not Enter via Hedrick Street. There is a low bridge and the space is heavily policed by law enforcement.
  • Call (346) 217-3802 (bulk) or (832) 206-3908 (flatbed) if you experience any issues arriving on-site.
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