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SESCO Cement Houston Roots

Since our inception, we have focused on delivering value to our customers. Learn how we have grown over time to ensure we consistently provide top-quality cement.

The Past, Present, and Future of SESCO

We are leaning into our past, strengthening our current operating reality, and looking ahead to future growth to continuously support our customers.

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Our Past

SESCO was founded in 1964 as an integrated logistics service provider. We mastered all the operations of vessel loading, vessel discharging, transportation of commodities, customs clearance, and storage.

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The Present

We have established a presence in 70 countries through logistics, global trading, steel fabrication, cement production, and specialized construction. We are the largest privately-owned white and gray cement terminal.

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Our Future

We are focused on sustainability and digitalization to ensure customer success. Our growing presence in the cement industry makes us the ideal partner to fulfill your cement ordering needs.

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What’s Ahead for SESCO

As part of our core values, we are seeking to be a reliable and responsible cement supplier. Take a look at how we are building a sustainable future for our customers and our communities.



Our belief is to leave the world a better place. We plan to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint by supplying SCM (Supplementary Cementitious Materials) and other types of cement with lower carbon footprint. We are also planning to increase our energy efficiency and reliance on clean sources of energy.



Our goal is to optimize our operations processes and reduce costs. By implementing digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). We believe we can improve efficiency and accuracy in our operations, creating an even greater customer experience during every interaction with our brand.


Customer Focus

We are placing a strong emphasis on understanding each customer’s needs and developing products and services that meet those needs. This effort includes offering customized solutions and value-added services that differentiate our company from other cement suppliers in the market.

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