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Who We Are at SESCO Cement

Our sales team is committed to providing you with high-quality cement in bags or bulks according to your project needs. We look forward to coordinating your purchasing needs with our roster of qualified distributors.

Meet the SESCO Cement Sales Team

We are backed by a team of highly-qualified sales directors. Our team works with owners, procurement managers, store managers, and logistics coordinators to ensure the prompt delivery of cement according to your purchasing needs.

Whether you need to order cement in bulk or bagged according to daily,quarterly or yearly needs, our team is prepared to fulfill your request. Let us be your source for cement on your schedule.

bill hughes headshot

Bill Hughes

Sales Director - Packaged Products

Primary Responsibility: Bagged distributors outside of Texas.

mike springer headshot

Mike Springer

National Sales Director - Bulk

Primary Responsibility: Bulk accounts in Texas and nationally.

lillian correa headshot

Liliana Correa

Sales Director East Coast - Bulk

Primary Responsibility: Bulk accounts for customers in Florida and the East Coast.

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