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Bagged Cement

You don’t have time to wait on bagged cement for your next project bid. You can count on us for high-quality, competitively-priced TEX-CEM products in white, gray, and colored masonry cement.

Bagged Masonry Cement in White and Gray

We work with owners, store managers, and dispatchers to provide top-shelf bagged cement in white and gray according to your ordering needs. Whether you need to coordinate monthly and quarterly orders or have a day-to-day need, our cement is available on your schedule.

Our logistics team and customer service team are available around the clock to discuss your specific order request. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to ensure you receive cement when needed for your specific application.

  • Superior quality cement compared to other sources.
  • Consistency across every bag.
  • Access to multiple flatbed loading bays.
  • 150,000-ton capacity at our terminal.
  • Under 30-minute wait time at our landmark Houston terminal.

SESCO bagged cement is highly identifiable, supporting the needs of users who actually use the bags in the field. Being able to identify each bag of cement allows for better communication.

Backed by 24/7 support, we are prepared to address any issues and get you the cement you need. Discover the unmatched durability and quality of our products at flexible prices.

Bagged Cement Ordering Options

tex white type n white masonry cement bag

White Masonry Types N & S

Suitable for color-sensitive, non-load-bearing mortar, our white cement is brighter than the competition.

This cement enhances the aesthetic appearance of exteriors and works well with today’s architectural design trends. Access this product in multiple mixtures for your specific needs.

tex white cement type 1 bag

White Portland Type I

Our Portland Cement is a true portland cement manufactured with premium Egyptian white limestone, kaolin and, white sand. Care is used in the selection of raw materials to achieve the highest level of color consistency and whiteness.

tex gray type n masonry cement bag

Gray Masonry Types N & S

Made for non-load bearing mortar and outer wall plaster, this type of masonry cement helps strike the right balance of play and workability.

Select Gray Masonry cement for use in building materials, construction applications, and brick/stone mortar.

tex gray cement type 1 2 portland cement bag

Gray Portland Type I

Our high-quality gray Portland Cement can be used in a wide variety of commercial and architectural concrete construction applications. The cement is manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to ensure product performance and uniformity.

tex color cement colored masonry cement bag

Colored Masonry Type N, S

When you’re after a more visually-appealing finish, utilize our Colored Masonry options to support custom project needs.

Available in multiple mixtures, Colored Masonry cement can be used in above-grade or below-grade construction projects.

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