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Type N Masonry Cement Colored & Type S Masonry Cement

We can satisfy even the most stringent requirements for Colored Masonry cement. Avoid costly downtime by tapping into our supply readily available for the end user. Let us be your reliable source of high-quality cement when needed.

Bagged Cement: Colored Masonry Cement Type N and S

Our colored masonry cement is a basic building material that can be used to create colored mortar for use in a variety of commercial and architectural concrete construction applications. All manufactured cement is quality controlled to ensure product performance and uniformity.

Customers can purchase bagged colored Type S and N masonry cement for load-bearing units or free-standing structures requiring high compressive strength and quick setting time. Use this product in building materials, construction applications.

Key Product Differences

tex color cement colored masonry cement bag

Type N

  • 70 lb. bags
  • Used as a field mix that is mixed on the job site.
  • Offers consistent and uniform performance.

Type S

  • 75 lb. bags
  • Provides higher strength levels in below-grade load-bearing applications.
  • Achieves all other desired performances as Type N.

Key Ordering Information

Product Specs

  • Manufactured to ASTM C91 spec (Type N and S)
  • Used for ASTM C207 mortar

Best Uses

  • Brick masonry
  • Stone masonry
  • Block masonry
  • Thin veneer construction
  • Stucco applications
  • Exterior wall plaster
  • Interior wall putty

Reliable Access

Access bagged cement from our industry-leading terminal.

  • 4 flatbed loading bays.
  • Bags are palletized uniformly for easy transport.
  • Machine palletizing reduces errors and supports safety.
  • Seamless experience for truck drivers.
  • Terminal open 24/7.

Fast Support for Cement Orders

SESCO is the only terminal with 24/7 customer support. We are equipped to solve problems and address issues faster than competitors. Reach out to us any time of day by phone or at the terminal.

yellow masonry type n cement
green masonry type n cement
blue masonry type n cement


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