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Bulk Portland Cement

You can rely on SESCO for your bulk cement needs. Our exceptional storage capacity enables us to provide large volumes of cement that satisfy the needs of large-scale projects or frequent buyers.

Bulk Portland Cement in Gray and White

We run an efficient system to provide bulk amounts of Portland Cement in gray and white for our customers. You can rely on us for competitive pricing, availability, and strong communication with our internal dispatchers to coordinate your order.

Our pricing will always remain competitive due to the efficiency of our terminal import model. We have exceptional storage capacity with 5 domes, and we are the only terminal in the Houston area open 24/7.

  • Multiple self-service truck loading lanes for bulk orders.
  • Fully-automated cement conveyance system.
  • Material constantly flows between domes to buffer silos.
  • Seamless experience for truck drivers.

When you work with SESCO, you don’t have to worry about red tape. As a family-run business, we can be flexible with scheduling to meet your needs. We can make on-the-spot decisions, respond to problems and issues faster than competitors, and our customer service team is available around the clock!

Bulk Cement Ordering Options

sesco cement terminal

Gray Portland Type I/II

Offering gray Portland Cement for use in building materials, construction application, and as a basic ingredient in concrete.

When you need high compressive strength and quick setting time for load-bearing units or free-standing structures, select our high-quality gray Portland Cement in bulk.

white portland cement in bulk

White Portland Type I

Select white Portland Cement when low color variability is required, along with high compressive strength and quick setting time.

This white cement is ideal for use in architectural concrete applications.

sesco cement facilities
truck picking up cement in sesco terminal
sesco cement pick up terminal
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