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SESCO Cement’s Houston Terminal truck loading lanes

Seeking Cement Terminals in Houston? Work With SESCO

If you’re looking for dependable cement terminals in Houston, SESCO Cement should be your number one choice. We work hard to supply a variety of local businesses with cement products to fit their needs.

When you need cement in bulk, we have you covered. Learn more about the advantages of calling SESCO for quality cement in the required quantities.

Who Do We Provide Cement to in Houston?

Out of all the cement terminals you can choose from in the Greater Houston area, ours serves a diverse range of clients with efficiency and ease.

Whether you’re a construction company, ready-mix concrete producer, infrastructure developer, industrial manufacturer, or anyone else who needs a steady source of bulk cement, our facility is ready for your job.

We recognize that each company has varying requirements when it comes to bulk delivery, storage, and distribution, and we’re more than equipped to handle it all.

Stop Searching for Cement Terminals

The SESCO Houston terminal is the center of our business. We’ve simplified and streamlined every process so that we can get cement products out of our facility and onto your trucks as quickly as possible.

  • Ship Unloader – Because of our location, cargo ships can unload 1,600 tons per hour directly into our facility.
  • Dome Storage – Boasting five different bulk materials and a combined total of 140,000 tons of storage capacity, our domes ensure we always have what you need in stock. Add to that our interconnected buffer silo system, and you have access to a direct line from storage to your truck.
  • Bulk Loading Lanes – Our six buffer silos have a capacity of 400 tons each and route directly to our 4 self-service truck loading lanes.
  • Bagging & Staging – With four dedicated loading bays, two rotary packing machines, and an automatic pallet assembly line, your drivers can pick up bagged cement exactly when needed.
  • Rail Network – We can adapt to your specific ordering needs. Our terminal is fully rail-served and has access to nationwide class-one rail networks.

What’s in Stock at Our Houston Terminal?

We’re proud to offer top-tier Portland cement in bulk quantities.

Gray Portland Types I/II

Our selection of Gray Portland Types I/II cement offers unmatched durability and versatility. Type I Portland cement is the go-to choice for general construction needs. On the other hand, Type II cement offers greater compressive strength for more intensive projects.

Both types share the gray color, assuring builders a reliable, consistent performance across an array of construction projects. The widespread use of gray Portland cement makes this product an essential component of the built environment.

White Portland Type I

Turn to our White Portland Type I cement when structural integrity and aesthetic appeal are required. Its radiant color helps elevate the visual impact of architectural projects and offers a base for colored finishes in commercial and residential projects.

This variant of Portland cement is particularly favored for high-profile projects where the visual presentation must match the structural robustness. The ability to maintain consistent color and quality across large-scale constructions ensures that every project stands the test of time.

Let’s Get Started on Your Order

We are confident that your search for cement terminals in Houston is complete. Get in touch with our helpful customer team today to discuss your ordering needs for bulk cement. Find a local cement partner committed to your success.

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