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SESCO Core Values: Announcing Our Customer Service Vision

At the beginning of 2023, SESCO Cement revealed the corporate mission, vision, and core values that drive how we operate our company. At the heart of our operations is serving the needs of our customers.

As part of our monthly schedule of articles unpacking the S-E-S-C-O vision for 2023, today we will dive into our customer service vision:

  • S afety.
  • E mployees.
  • S ustainability.
  • C ustomers.
  • O ptimization.

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Customer Service Vision: We Adapt to You

We recognize that you have options when it comes to ordering cement in bags and bulk . By being a consistent, long-term provider of Gray and White cement, we create value for our customers over the long haul.

We also look for ways to introduce new and innovative products that are friendly to the environment and give our customers a competitive advantage. At SESCO Cement, we strive to earn your business every day in these distinct ways:

  • Service excellence
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Integrity

Our goal is to provide high-quality cement that exceeds the quality you will find elsewhere, and we back our products with the best service team you will find from a cement provider. Let’s take a closer look at how we support you through a customer-centric approach.

Service Excellence

We understand your business and speak your language because we’ve been in your shoes. Our senior sales staff members have been on the other side of the table, and they understand what you expect, need, and desire when ordering cement.


You can count on us to adapt to your needs. Thanks to the tremendous storage capacity at our terminal, we can hold a large volume of cement on-site, ensuring we always have cement ready to go. Plus, our cement terminal is open 24/7 to handle bulk cement orders, enabling us to fulfill your requests on tight schedules.

Additionally, our company is vertically integrated, enabling our supply chain to continue operating without disruption. The benefit to our customers is a steady, reliable stream of access to cement.


“Getting the customer what they want when they want it” is our service mantra. Every action we take serves the purpose of supporting each customer’s unique needs. That’s why we proactively implemented facility and process optimizations to keep us nimble and flexible.

If we can slice a few minutes off wait times, it’s worth it for our team so that you get the products you need just a little bit faster to support critical project timelines. At SESCO Cement , market needs are always top of mind for our team.


We offer the best of both worlds to our customers. You get the benefits of a large company with consistent access to a large volume of cement, while still receiving the service and personalized response of a family-run company.

We can remain agile and responsive to your needs because we are a global supply chain leader with the finest cement regularly arriving at our facility. But we still remain hands-on providing homegrown customer service to respond to each customer’s needs.


Our word is our bond. We don’t over promise on our capabilities, we do what we say we’ll do, and we make sure the ordering process is easily understood by all parties involved. If your expectations are not met, we take action.

We follow a top-down approach of enabling every customer service team member to problem-solve and make things right. We won’t rest until we resolve any challenge you experience!

SESCO Cement: Eager to Serve Our Customers

Every day, we strive to live out our customer service vision. We encourage your company to get in touch with our customer support team to get to know our people. We’re easy to work with, knowledgeable, and ready to act.

We are confident that once you get to know us, you’ll want to make SESCO your preferred cement vendor.
We look forward to working with you.

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