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type n masonry cement

Type N Masonry Cement Uses for Your Jobs

Are you in the market for Type N Masonry cement for your next job? You may have questions about the best uses of this type of cement.

  • What are the benefits and best uses of this particular mix?
  • How can this product fit into my next project or store’s inventory?
  • Where can I find a distributor to deliver the best product in the Houston area?

We have the answers you are looking for about Type N masonry cement uses. Also, find out why SESCO has you covered for your next order. Bricks being laid with type n gray cement.

The Basics of Type N Masonry Cement Uses

Is your next job in need of quality mortar? When you want the perfect amount of play and workability, Type N Masonry cement is the proven choice.

Available in white or gray, SESCO offers cement that can be used as a field mix that is mixed on the job site. Our delivery saves you time at the job site and ensures that each batch of cement is precisely portioned to offer a consistent, high-quality product each time.

Increased reliability means a reduction in stress and less room for error.

Best Uses for Type N Cement

As a diverse material, Type N Masonry cement can be used in various applications . By mixing it with water and sand, contractors can apply this product in a number of ways.

  • Usable both inside and outside, this product can be mixed into a mortar for use in brick, block, stone, and thin veneer construction, offering enhanced durability.
  • It can be used in stucco applications, exterior wall plaster, and interior wall putty.
  • It’s the perfect choice for above-grade, non-load-bearing walls in residential or commercial buildings.

Because Type N Masonry cement fits into so many areas of a job, it’s easy to see why it’s one of our top-selling products.

Mix it Up for the Best Finished Product

Type N Masonry Cement is a precision blend of components that offers high-performance results. Combining Portland cement, limestone, plasticizers, and other chemical agents and modifiers, the TEX-CEM product offered by SESCO is ready to go right out of the bag.

Using a mechanical mixer for the best outcome, workers only need to add clean water and the right amount of sand to form a fast-acting, sturdy mortar that looks as good as it functions.

Sand and additive selections can be used to change the overall appearance and color of the final product, which is especially helpful when using White Masonry Type N cement for decorative finishing and visible areas.

Why Choose SESCO for Your Cement Order?

The people at SESCO know cement, have years of experience, and care about their customers. We want to ensure you have the best product and experience possible when buying cement for your business.

SESCO takes pride in our ability to offer increased efficiency and value to all customers – no matter how big or small. Whether you’re an owner wearing many hats, a procurement manager for a large company, or a store manager supporting several locations that need uniform stock in a timely manner, SESCO has you covered.

Type N Masonry cement is at the core of SESCO’s product selection and is offered in the TEX-GRAY and TEX-WHITE varieties:

  • Gray is useful as an all-around cement inside and outside.
  • White is excellent for jobs where color is under tighter scrutiny. It’s perfect for colored mortar in delicate finishing situations.

SESCO offers both types of cement in 70 lb. bags. The bags are machine palletized, so they’re easy to stack and transport from the plant to the warehouse, store, or job site. The kind of precision this method offers reduces human error, makes for a more stable storage solution, and saves your business time, money, and stress.

You also get access to top-quality cement products and an exceptional customer service experience at SESCO. The team goes above and beyond to offer:

  • Flexible scheduling and pricing to fit your budget and timeline.
  • Less downtime at the plant, meaning more efficient transactions.
  • 24/7 customer support over the phone or in person at the facility.

We know there are options when it comes to buying cement, so we make customer service and reliability our top priority. Our quick turnarounds and flexible schedules put us a step above the rest. Why deal with the slow bureaucracy of other companies when you can have a straightforward procurement experience with SESCO?

Learn More About Working with SESCO

Do you need a reliable provider of Type N Masonry cement in the Houston area? Get in touch with SESCO to find a distributor near you . We make it easy to find a distributor who can help you obtain cement for your specific needs. Talk to us today about the best Type N masonry cement uses!

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