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A bag of white Portland cement atop a white plaster wall background

Benefits of Choosing Portland Cement White from SESCO

White Portland cement is one of the most popular cement products available. Thanks to its adaptable base that balances durability with aesthetic appeal, Portland cement white products can support projects ranging from cast stone to pool plaster to curbs and sidewalks.

The key is finding the right supplier for your ordering needs. Fortunately, SESCO Cement has you covered. We offer White Portland Type I cement in bulk and TEX-WHITE Portland Cement Type I in bags. Both options are ready for pickup through our reliable system.

White Portland Cement: A Versatile Material

White Portland cement is a highly sought-after building material with numerous practical applications. It is essentially the same as standard gray Portland cement with a distinct lack of iron and manganese oxide impurities. The composition results in its distinctive white color that is as beautiful as it is beneficial. As a base material, it’s great for a number of reasons.

Aesthetic Versatility

White Portland Type I is prized for its ability to create a wide range of decorative and architectural finishes. Its white hue is an excellent base for creating vibrant and vivid colors in concrete, making it ideal for decorative concrete and artistic applications.

On top of this, the cement’s reflective properties make it suitable for creating surfaces that brighten spaces. This feature is especially valuable in interior design applications.

Durability & Strength

White Portland cement provides the same structural integrity as its gray counterpart. The result is White Portland cement is suitable for various construction projects, including precast concrete, interior and exterior mortar, and high-traffic infrastructure.

Useful for Architecture

When intricate details or creative projects are on the table, White Portland Type I is a perfect choice. This type of cement is frequently used for architectural elements like moldings, columns, and decorative façades thanks to its workability.

Why Choose SESCO as Your Portland Cement White Supplier?

At SESCO Cement, we have White Portland Type I ready when needed. As one of our bulk offerings, we can fulfill large and small orders 24/7 from our Houston facility. Our robust terminal boasts its own ship unloaders, conveyance systems, and dome storage silos, so the cement you order is always on hand.

When you need to stock your store shelves with bags of white Portland cement, we have you covered with easy access. We use an automated system to efficiently palletize bags of cement for easy pickup and transport.

SESCO is a vertically integrated company, so we monitor every step of our process to ensure consistent quality and access. From sourcing to pickup, we ensure that only the highest quality cement reaches our customers.

Set Up Your Order of White Portland Cement

Ready to work with SESCO as your preferred supplier of Portland cement white products? Get in touch with our helpful sales support team. We will be happy to walk you through the specifics of your order and determine the best way to provide you with the cement you need.

When it comes to quality Portland cement products, SESCO is a name you can trust.

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