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A bag of Grey Portland Cement Type I/II above a background of loose grey cement

Your Guide to Cement Type I/II in Bags and Bulk

Portland cement is a must-have in the construction industry. This versatile material is used in numerous types of projects – from residential to large-scale industrial.

Two common variations of Portland cement Type I/II are white and gray. Each color in this fundamental building material has distinct characteristics and applications.

Additionally, Portland cement is available in bulk and bagged options. For large projects that call for big pours every day, bulk is the ideal option. However, if you manage a store that serves customers with their daily cement needs, you’ll want bags on hand for easy loading and inventory.

Fortunately, no matter what color or format you need, SESCO Cement has you covered.

How Are the Different Colors of Portland Cement Type I/II Used?

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two primary colors available for Portland cement orders.

Gray Portland Cement

Gray Portland Type I/II is the go-to choice for most structural applications, including concrete slabs, foundations, and structural walls. It provides unmatched strength and durability and is easy to work with. Furthermore, gray Portland cement is often used in mortar and grout for bricklaying and tile work because of its adhesive properties.

Off the jobsite, you can often find gray cement in precast concrete structures. The same reliability and consistent performance that make it indispensable in other arenas also make it a preferred choice for manufacturing products like pipes, pavers, and structural components that can be stockpiled and installed later.

White Portland Cement

With the same strength and reliability as its gray cousin, White Portland Type I is primarily chosen for its aesthetic value. This product is an excellent base for creating a wide range of colors and decorative finishes in concrete. The composition makes this product ideal for architectural details, decorative elements, and artistic applications.

The white color is also useful when light reflectivity is desired. By incorporating white Portland cement into surfaces like walls, floors, and countertops, one can brighten previously dim spaces and enhance the design of a finished area.

White Portland Cement Type I/II: What SESCO Offers

At SESCO Cement, we’re proud to offer the highest quality materials in formats that can suit any project. Whether you need to buy cement in bulk amounts or in bags, we have your company covered.

  • Bulk: Our state-of-the-art dome storage can hold up to 140,000 tons of cement, and the interconnected buffer silo system transfers that material straight to your waiting trucks.
  • Bags: Our terminal boasts two rotary packing machines and an automatic pallet assembly line for precise, stable loading that fits your specifications. We offer TEX-WHITE and TEX-GRAY Portland Cement in 92.6 lb. bags.

Contact Us Today to Order Cement

Want to learn more about white or gray Portland cement Type I/II? Have questions about what we offer or which format is right for you? Get in touch with our customer service team to discuss your specific needs.

We’ll be happy to walk you through every step of the ordering process and answer any and all questions you might have. If you need Portland cement, we are confident that SESCO should be your first call.

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