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What Are the White and Gray Masonry Cement Types?

Are you in the market for bagged cement for your business? Do your customers expect the best products to fill your store shelves? If you’re in need of a reliable supply of bagged masonry cement in a variety of styles, SESCO Cement has you covered!

Learn more about the different masonry cement types so that you know exactly which versions of bagged cement you should procure for each of your store locations.

What is Masonry Cement Used For?

Specifically designed for use in construction projects where brick, stone, or similar materials are being used, masonry cement is a finely ground blend of Portland cement lime and other additives that enhance its workability and performance.

One of the key features of this type of cement is its ability to adhere well to various materials while also offering higher plasticity than Portland cement on its own. This feature allows for more flexibility and better finishing than other blends.

Not all masonry cement is created equal, though! There are generally two main types, Type N and Type S , each of which has their own specific uses.

Both of these are available in gray or white varieties, which can come in handy depending on the needs of your customers. Our TEX-CEM blends are first-quality combinations of materials that, when mixed with sand and clean water, will result in the best mortar for the job.

Type N vs. Type S Masonry Cement Types

What type of cement fits the bill for your client’s job site? Both Type N and Type S Masonry Cement are made to work well in a variety of applications. However, there are some key differences. Knowing their individual strengths can help you choose the right cement for your project or clientele.

Type N Masonry Cement

Type N mortar cement is excellent for use in mortar adhered to stone and brick. It also works well with exterior wall plasters and interior putties. It has a uniform texture and is created for above-grade applications.

Type S Masonry Cement

Type S mortar cement can be used anywhere Type N is used, but it is especially helpful in below-grade applications. That’s because Type S has over double the compressive strength as its counterpart when set!

Used in tandem or alone, Type N and Type S cement can make short work of any construction project where cement mortar is required.

Two Colors, Many Applications

White and gray masonry cement are both commonly used in construction, but they differ in their aesthetic and functional applications. Using the right kind of cement can have a dramatic effect on your end result.

White Cement

White cement has a lighter color and is primarily used when a clean, bright appearance is desired. It is prevalent in architectural and decorative projects where style and surface are key.

Consistent color and excellent workability make it perfect for enhancing the visual appeal of finished structures.

Gray Cement

Gray masonry cement is more widely used for general purposes in construction. Its color blends well with common building materials and is suitable for various structural applications like foundations and pavements.

What Do We Offer?

SESCO is proud to offer quality bagged cement in four different varieties. Each of our high-strength mortars carries its own benefits, so stocking some of each kind will guarantee your customers will be sure to find what they need!

Our TEX-CEMENT Masonry blend is a high-performance mortar component that is quality controlled to ensure unmatched performance and uniformity. Type N is available in 70 lb. bags, while all of our Type S cement is available in 75 lb. bags.

  • TEX-GRAY Masonry Type N – When dealing with everyday mortar needs, gray Type N cement should be your go-to product. Easy to work with and carefully mixed to ensure lasting quality, TEX-GRAY can be used inside and outside to quickly and professionally put up brick, block, or stone walls above ground.
  • TEX-GRAY Masonry Type S – A real workhorse, TEX-GRAY Type S cement can be used for utilitarian purposes where pressure, water, and below-grade conditions are present. Its superior high compressive strength helps to bond brick and block together for enhanced durability and long-lasting stability.
  • TEX-WHITE Masonry Type N – Offering the same high-quality mixture as TEX-GRAY, the TEX-WHITE cement is more suitable for applications where color-sensitivity is a factor. With the addition of different elements like coloring or sand, this Type N can be used to bring that aesthetic touch requested by many architects for a finishing touch.
  • TEX-WHITE Masonry Type S – The TEX-WHITE Type S is perfect for below-grade applications where the mortar is still visible and needs to look its best. The recommended applications include retaining walls, brick patios or pavements, and masonry foundations. Because of its superior compressive strength, Type S excels at these kinds of jobs, and the fine white color adds an element of sophistication.

The SESCO Difference Serving Our Customers

Why buy cement from SESCO? As a Houston-based family company , we value our customers and want to be an active part of building our community. Our top-of-the-line products are enhanced by our core company values and the extra steps we take to improve your experience.

  • All of our bags are palletized by machine, so there is less room for error or loss of product.
  • We proudly operate one of the largest privately-owned cement terminals in the U.S., allowing us to support your latest ordering needs.
  • Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day by phone or at the plant.
  • We adhere to a rigorous code of safety and ethics so that our customers and employees can feel good about their interactions with our company.
  • SESCO is dedicated to sustainability and continuity. We work hard to create enduring partnerships around the world that contribute to better communities.

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