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Making daily and weekly cement purchases requires the support of a strong cement supplier. You need a consistent supplier you can rely on for bagged or bulk orders nearly every day.

When it comes to ordering cement all white products, SESCO Cement has you covered. We offer several types of high-quality white cement that are certain to brighten up your next project.

Benefits of Cement All White Products

White cement comes in a few different varieties and is a versatile construction material that has all the same qualities as its more neutral cousin.

Its primary use is in projects where a bright and clean appearance is desired. Mixed as a mortar or used in casting, this product has the ability to enhance visual appeal while also remaining a sturdy, dependable substrate.

When used in precast concrete products like tiles, pavers, and countertops, white cement offers unmatched clarity and consistent color that allows for a more uniform result.

Using white cement mortar to secure bricks, blocks, or stonework gives the final product an attractive contrast that works well with architectural designs and places where utility and aesthetics must coexist.

SESCO Offers Variety and Value

SESCO Cement is proud to offer four white cement options to our customers. Available in bags and bulk, our high-quality product is easy to order and even easier to use. When mixed with clean water and sand, the results have enhanced workability and noticeable purity.

TEX-WHITE White Masonry Type N (Bagged)

Best used in above-grade and non-load-bearing applications, Masonry Type N cement is a special formulation of Portland cement, limestone, and other modifiers that yields a high-performance product. It can be applied between stones and bricks and is suitable for interior and exterior projects.

  • Available in 70 lb. bags.

TEX-WHITE White Masonry Type S (Bagged)

Masonry Type S cement has all the same properties as Type N but has over double the compressive strength! This makes it perfect for below-grade applications or projects where pressure and water are a factor.

Because of its color consistency and brightness, TEX-WHITE Type S is a perfect solution for those structures that need to balance aesthetics with durability.

  • Available in 75 lb. bags.

TEX-WHITE White Portland Type I (Bagged)

Portland cement is a basic building material that can be used in a wide variety of projects. Masonry Type I Cement is manufactured from only the best Egyptian white limestone, kaolin, and white sand that ensures consistent color and brightness throughout.

This cement option can be used in everything from ornamental statuary and swimming pools to tiles, countertops, and pavement projects

  • Available in 92.6 lb. bags.

White Portland Type I (Bulk)

Our bulk cement option in white is suitable for use in load-bearing units or free-standing structures that require a consistent look, high compressive strength, and quick setting time.

We ensure that you have consistent access to our White Portland Type I cement at our loading terminal. Our interconnected buffer silo system feeds cement directly from our storage domes to truck-loading lanes.

  • Available in bulk from the SESCO terminal.

We Have What You Need

SESCO is ready to be your number one choice when it comes to ordering cement in Houston. We know that schedules and budgets are tight, so we’re more than happy to work with you to address your needs.

We offer bagged and bulk white cement in a variety of types, and our Houston terminal is constantly operating around the clock to ensure we can take care of orders big and small.

Not only does SESCO have the products you need, but we also pride ourselves on putting our customers first every time. We are available to answer your questions 24/7 by phone or at the terminal, and our state-of-the-art facility features self-service loading and an automatic pallet assembly line to make sure your products are easy to obtain.

Learn More About Doing Business with SESCO

Interested in learning more about our cement all white products? Ready to schedule an order through SESCO? Get in touch with our staff today .

We will gladly walk you through the process of setting up a daily purchase schedule for bagged or bulk white cement.
We look forward to earning your business as a preferred vendor for your cement ordering needs.

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