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We Offer Consistent Pricing on Mortar Mix Type S Cement

Owning or managing a business that needs to keep mortar mix Type S cement in stock can prove to be challenging. If you’re constantly concerned about pricing out weekly, monthly, and quarterly orders to fit your budget and satisfy your customers, we can help.

We understand that obtaining the best quality cement products for the best price on your timetable can require a lot of work. SESCO Cement is here to help alleviate that stress!

By offering flexible pricing structures, high-quality bagged cement , and unmatched consistency, we’re sure to become your go-to supplier. We Offer Consistent Pricing on Mortar Mix Type S Cement

What is Type S Mortar and When to Use It??

Type S Masonry cement is a versatile construction material that can be used in many applications. Because of its durability and high compressive strength, it’s the ideal product for load-bearing walls and below-grade construction like foundations. It also excels as a mortar for bricks, stones, or blocks when structural integrity is key.

Because of its resistance to harsh weather conditions and the fact that it can be applied in a smooth finish, Type S cement can also be used in stucco or plastering situations where aesthetics meet reliability.

SESCO offers this adaptable cement product in pre-packed bags for easy loading and transport to each of your store locations.

SESCO Has Options for Mortar Mix Type S

SESCO is proud to offer bagged Type S Masonry cement in gray and white. Each type has its own benefits and uses, and all are manufactured to the same high standards we apply to each of our products.

TEX-GRAY Masonry Type S

TEX-GRAY Masonry Type S is useful as a utilitarian component of building projects. Gray Masonry Type S cement is specially blended for use in load-bearing or below-grade situations where strength is key. Retaining walls, walkways, and drainage areas can all benefit from this mortar.

TEX-WHITE Masonry Type S

When aesthetics are important, TEX-WHITE Masonry Type S can be just the ticket. Offering the same physical qualities as its gray counterpart, white cement provides a clean finish that helps to enhance the overall look of a finished project.

Because of its inherent characteristics, TEX-WHITE is an excellent choice for stucco, plastering, or anywhere a clear, consistent field is needed.

Experience Consistent Pricing and Service from SESCO

So why should SESCO be your number one source for bagged cement at consistent prices? We’ve made it our priority to create a company centered around delivering the best products to our customers in a way that suits their needs.

  • SESCO offers only high-quality cement. Our TEX-CEM Masonry Type S cement is a carefully-constructed mixture that yields reliable results each and every time.
  • Our cement terminal is equipped with state-of-the-art storage and handling solutions, enabling us to aim for tighter tolerances in all facets of production.
  • At our main Houston terminal, we utilize a machine-operated palletized bagging system that reduces human error and makes sure all bags are ready for easy transport to your location.
  • As a business, we focus on people. Our employees and customers come first, so you’ll always deal with friendly staff who are willing to go above and beyond to meet your ordering needs.

Let’s Talk About Doing Business Together

Ready to work with us for your mortar mix Type S ordering needs? Get in touch with our customer service team today to discuss regular purchases of Masonry Type S cement.

Our team will be more than happy to discuss pricing, delivery, frequency, and how we can help your business succeed. We stand behind our products, and we’re sure you and your clients will too!

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