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sesco cement employee focused on business process optimization

SESCO Core Values: Focused on Business Process Optimization

Earlier this year, we revealed the corporate mission, vision, and values of SESCO Cement that guide how we operate our company. One of the key elements is striving for continuous improvement in how we operate so that we create additional value for our customers.

As part of our monthly schedule of articles unpacking the S-E-S-C-O vision for 2023, today we will dive into business process optimization that helps create an exceptional customer experience:

  • S afety.
  • E mployees.
  • S ustainability.
  • C ustomers.
  • O ptimization.

Business Process Optimization: Always Striving for Growth

Our team is committed to constantly reviewing our existing processes and procedures to ensure we support the needs of our customers. Whether you purchase cement from us daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly, we strive to improve the ordering process to align with your business requirements.

Refining Processes

Although our systems are far from ideal, we are actively working to centralize, organize, and govern our organizational data, including:

  • Standard Operating Procedures ( SOPs )
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • And more

We are striving to achieve centralization throughout our company. In the meantime, we have established trim and agile cross-functional communication channels so that the process of solving customer challenges is fluid and flexible.

Aligning with Industry Changes

Since a large portion of our customers support the homebuilding industry, the addition of a new mixing plant at our Houston terminal has allowed us to add a valuable new product to our lineup of bagged cement .

We are rolling out colored masonry cement – a product that has few alternatives currently in the market – to broaden our selection of cement products.

Adapting to Environmental Concerns

As part of our sustainability commitment to become better Earth stewards in our industry, we have plans to add lower carbon footprint products, such as Portland Limestone Cement ( PLC ).

We are also actively investigating reclaimed waste product cementitious alternatives to add to our product portfolio.

Using Employee Feedback

There’s no better way to improve business operations than to incorporate feedback from our employees. We encourage our employees to inform management of how we can improve processes, streamline operations, and elevate the customer experience.

Through radical enablement and ownership throughout the organization, everyone is encouraged to take initiative if they see a missing piece of the puzzle to support our customers. Everyone is encouraged to take initiative if they see an area for improvement.

Future Plans to Support Our Customers

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to expand our reach and diversify our business portfolio to align with the ever-changing needs in the market. We have committed countless time and resources to identify areas where we can grow our core processes.

This commitment to growth fuels our plans to optimize all facets of our infrastructure, including making future operational decisions. For example, we continue to evaluate whether to open new port locations or upgrade components at the Houston terminal site .

Customers will benefit from our planned capital improvement projects through additional time savings and by gaining access to more locations across the U.S. via rail and waterway terminals.

Customers will also see their digital interactions with SESCO become more streamlined through a planned app (SESCO Dash) and a revamped website coming soon. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we believe these additional tools will help with our optimization efforts.

SESCO Cement: More Than a Cement Provider

SESCO Cement is focused on business process optimization because we know the impact it can have on our customers. We want your company to be successful, which is why we continue to look for ways to grow internally so that we can provide external support.

We encourage your team to get in touch with our customer support team to let us know how we can provide assistance. Our team members are easy to work with and ready to act on your behalf.

We are confident that once you start a relationship with our team, you’ll want to make SESCO your preferred cement provider. We look forward to supporting you.

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