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Masonry Cement vs. Portland Cement: Which Do You Need for Your Jobs?

If you’re a procurement manager buying cement on a regular basis, chances are you’re looking to purchase a variety of cement in bulk and bags. Setting up large orders from a reliable source makes projects come together more effectively. But which cement should you have on hand?

Let SESCO Cement help you make the right choice, especially when it comes to deciding between masonry cement vs. Portland cement.

Which Cement Is Right For You?

Both Portland cement and masonry cement are quality products, but they each have their own strengths that cater to different types of construction. Choosing the right one is vital to ensuring the project’s success.

Portland Cement

Portland cement is a basic building material that is specially formulated from limestone clay, kaolin, and various ingredients to create a versatile cement that can be used in a wide range of applications.

Its impressive compressive strength makes it ideal for projects that require high load-bearing capacity and long-lasting structural support above or below grade.

In addition, Portland cement offers some resistance to harsh weather conditions. Therefore, commonly found in building foundations and other architectural elements. It comes in a range of colors and formulations to match your project’s needs.

Masonry Cement

Masonry cement is a more specialized product and is specifically manufactured for masonry work such as brick, stucco, or plastering. It is designed with an eye for enhanced workability, adhesion, and water retention when mixed with the proper amount of fine sand.

This type of cement also provides excellent bonding strength between bricks or blocks, which ensures the stability and integrity of the entire structure.

It also offers improved resistance to shrinkage and flexing, making it suitable for use in joint work. Like Portland cement, masonry cement also comes in a number of colors and types.

Masonry Cement vs Portland Cement: Comparing Strengths

When considering both Portland and masonry cements, it’s important to know their strengths and how they apply to your project.

Advantages of Masonry Cement

Masonry is used to bind (mortar) bricks and blocks above grade (Type N) or below grade (Type S). This type of material is also used in the formula for stucco/plastering on site. It’s always spread on bricks or walls like butter using a trowel tool.

The workability and variety of types lend themselves to residential construction, where elements like walls, fireplaces, and chimneys are common.

Advantages of Portland Cement

Portland cement is usually required in large-scale construction projects like high-rise buildings, bridges, and infrastructure. It is useful to support anything structural, plus free-standing, foundational, and cast/formed concrete elements.

Its strength and durability make it the preferred choice in instances where long-term structural integrity is key.

Why Procure From SESCO Cement?

SESCO Cement is proud to offer both Portland cement and masonry cement in an array of formulations that are sure to fit into your workflow. But what makes our company different? Why buy your bulk cement from us?


We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company that strives to be an integral part of the Houston construction community. We want to build connections between people as much as our products build up the city around us.


SESCO is committed to sustainable practices at our facilities . We aim to be responsible importers of high-quality cement that our customers can be proud to do business with.

  • We protect the health and safety of our employees and community.
  • We are continuously working toward lowering our carbon emissions.
  • We are exploring alternative fuels and keeping our local environmental impact to a minimum.


All of our cement products are manufactured with a strict eye for quality. As a vertically-integrated company, we control every aspect of the sourcing, mixing, and distribution process.

You can rest assured you’re getting the best products available from a business you can rely on. We know cement, and we pass that knowledge on to our customers.

We Have Portland Cement Available in Bulk and Bags

When it comes to procuring Portland cement, SESCO has multiple varieties to choose from. Each type of Portland cement is available at our Houston terminal 24/7 . You can rely on our products for unmatched usability according to your job specifications.

We Have Masonry Cement Available in Bags

We also offer a strong portfolio of white and gray masonry cement in bags. Access our high-quality cement in the following varieties:

  • Gray masonry cement (bags): Select from TEX-GRAY Type N or Type S masonry cement for your specific building needs.
  • White masonry cement (bags): Choose from TEX-WHITE Type N or Type S masonry cement for your company’s project.

Contact Us Today to Procure Gray and White Cement

Want to hear more about SESCO’s ordering process? In need of Portland cement and masonry cement, but unsure which types are best suited for your company’s jobs? Get in touch with our customer service team today .

We are prepared for your call around the clock. Our team will be happy to discuss masonry cement vs. Portland cement and quickly set up an ordering schedule that fits your needs.

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