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Need a Reliable Bulk Cement Supplier Near You? Consider SESCO

When consistently buying bulk cement, you need cement to come from a reliable source. There’s no room for second-guessing or complicated deliveries. If your company needs to make frequent orders for jobs in the Houston area, SESCO Cement is prepared to be your preferred vendor.

  • We operate a state-of-the-art facility that makes the entire process smooth and efficient.
  • We’re stocked with high-quality bulk Portland cement ready for your next project.

When searching for bulk cement suppliers near me, learn why SESCO is the answer. Bulk cement is being loaded onto a ship at the SESCO Houston Terminal

You Can Rely on SESCO Cement

Located just east of Downtown Houston, our terminal is ready to be your primary source for any and all bulk cement orders. We’ve made it our mission to put the customer first, so we go the extra mile to make sure everything is in stock and ready whenever you need it.

24/7 Terminal

Our site is open all day and night for bulk orders. Plus, our team of helpful customer service agents are on call to answer your questions.

With four self-service truck loading lanes, drivers can easily pick up your bulk order whenever it fits your schedule. Whether you need cement for today’s jobs or want to get out ahead of tomorrow’s needs, we can work with your schedule.

Vertical Integration

We pride ourselves on keeping things running smoothly and efficiently. That’s why we established a vertical integration of our supply and logistics processes. This way, our cement products can be available when you’re ready to order.

The SESCO terminal is specially built to offload cement from our storage domes directly to waiting trucks according to your schedule.

On-Site Storage

To meet your demands and have products in stock when you need them, we constructed a massive amount of on-site storage. Our ship unloader can offload up to 1,600 tons of cement per hour, and our domes can store up to 140,000 tons of bulk material.

Using our innovative interconnected buffer silo system (with 6 silos at 400-ton capacity each), we can funnel cement directly to the loading lanes for easy pickups and efficient ordering.

Our storage units are specially constructed to maintain the highest quality levels of cement, surpassing ordinary Portland cement you might find elsewhere.

What’s in Stock at SESCO Cement?

When it comes to ordering cement in bulk, SESCO has you covered with multiple varieties of Portland cement. Each type of Portland Cement is a top-quality product that will satisfy the requirements of your job.

White Portland Type I

Known for its even consistency and pure white tone, White Portland Type I cement is perfect for jobs where aesthetics and durability meet.

Useful for everything from statuary and precast concrete to curbs, paving, and stucco, this premium product is suitable for a wide variety of commercial and architectural applications.

Gray Portland Type I/II

As the more industrial version of its white counterpart, Gray Portland Type I/II cement can be utilized in a wide variety of jobs.

Perfect for ready-mix concrete, cast stone, or concrete masonry units, it’s manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to ensure high performance and uniformity. Use it for everything from floor tiles to bridges and all projects in between.

Have Questions About Bulk Cement Suppliers Near Me?

Want to learn more about how SESCO can fulfill your bulk cement needs? Please contact our helpful associates .

Our team will be happy to walk you through the bulk ordering process and create an ordering schedule that works for your business. Find out why SESCO should be your preferred bulk cement supplier near you in Houston

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