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Where to Buy Portland Cement in Bulk

Are you looking for high volumes of Portland Cement on a weekly basis? Need a reliable source of product that boasts consistent quality? SESCO Cement can help make your recurring orders faster and easier.

Our top-of-the-line facility is ready to meet your needs by providing high-quality building materials for the job site. If your business is located in the Houston area, you have access to one of the best cement terminals around! Find out more about where to buy Portland Cement in bulk.

Buy Portland Cement in Bulk from SESCO

SESCO offers three bulk cement options for your jobs. They are all manufactured according to rigorous quality control standards, so you can be sure all the cement you buy will be of the utmost performance and uniformity.

Our Houston terminal has the following cement products ready to load onto your truck.

Gray Portland Type I

For general-purpose jobs, Gray Portland Type I cement is the standard. As a basic building material with good strength, it can be used for jobs as diverse as cast stone and concrete structures, grout products, tiles, pavement and sidewalks, and other masonry applications.

Gray Portland Type II

Similar to Type I, Gray Portland Type II cement is a great choice for a number of applications. However, if your structures are being built in water or soil that contains a moderate amount of sulfate, the sulfate-resistant additives in Type II will make for a better end result.

White Portland Type I

Like its gray cousins, White Portland Type I cement is suitable for load-bearing or free-standing structures that require high compressive strength. Excellent for pool plaster, statuary, exterior finishing, and other places where low color variability is needed, White Portland Type I is noted for even tones throughout.

Find out more about how we make it easy to find White Portland Cement in Houston.

Where to Buy Portland Cement in Bulk: Try Our Houston Terminal

SESCO has the market cornered in Houston when it comes to fulfilling bulk orders on a consistent schedule. Our terminal is equipped with several features that ensure we always have the products you need in stock and that you can get in and out quickly and efficiently.

1. Our Ship Unloader can handle 1,600 tons per hour and receives an astounding 40,000 DWT shipments.

2. From the ship, cement travels to our Dome Storage facility, which boasts an impressive 140,000-ton capacity and room for five different bulk materials. Using our interconnected buffer silo system, we can feed product directly from the domes to your truck.

3. Ready to load up? Pull your vehicle up to one of our four self-service Bulk Loading Lanes. We have six buffer silos that can each hold 400 tons, so you have access to what you need immediately.

4. We operate the only 24/7 terminal in the Houston area. The product constantly flows between the domes and loading lanes via our fully-automated cement conveyance system.

Let’s Talk Business.

Have more questions about where to buy Portland Cement in bulk? Need access to a distributor to fulfill your order request? Get in touch with our customer service team by phone or at the terminal .

Let’s discuss your regular needs for bulk orders. We’ll be happy to work with your schedule and project requirements to provide you with access to the finest Portland Cement in Houston.

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