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A wall surface that relied on White Type S Masonry Cement

The Benefits of White Type S Masonry Cement

If you’re looking for cement with a multitude of benefits in a wide range of construction projects, White Type S Masonry Cement is the right choice.

This specialized product is distinct from its more common gray cousin because of its unique composition and properties, which make it particularly valuable in specific applications.

Learn more about the benefits of selecting this type of White Masonry Cement for your jobs. Also, discover why SESCO Cement should be your preferred provider of masonry cement in easy-to-transport bags.

White Type S Masonry Cement: Good Looking, Long Lasting

TEX-WHITE Type S Masonry Cement is a specially blended product that can be used to create mortar for use in stone, brick, block, and thin veneer construction, as well as stucco applications, exterior plaster, and interior putty.

This type of cement has a number of observable benefits that make it stand out among its peers.

1. Aesthetics

White masonry cement is prized for its ability to create a clean, bright appearance in masonry work. It is an ideal choice when you desire a crisp finish that maintains a consistent color throughout. This composition is especially important for architectural and decorative elements.

2. Durability & Strength

White Type S cement is engineered to be highly durable and exhibit excellent resistance to cracking, weathering, and erosion. This makeup makes Type S cement a long-lasting choice for structures that need to withstand the test of time and/or harsh environmental conditions.

Plus, the Type S version of white masonry cement boasts a compressive strength twice that of Type N cement, making it the ideal choice for load-bearing and exterior construction.

3. Versatility & Workability

Type S cement is easy to work with and provides a strong, smooth surface with less work. It is also extremely versatile and can be used in residential and commercial projects that include elements like interior and exterior walls, fireplaces, cast stone, and decorative elements that need to hold up well over time.

4. Consistent Quality

This type of cement is engineered to meet the highest quality standards. Its consistent composition ensures uniform strength and durability, leaving no room for surprises.

Our commitment to consistency means that your projects will exceed expectations, saving you time and money in the long run.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Thanks to its durability and resistance to weathering, structures built with White Type S Masonry Cement require minimal maintenance over their lifespan. The durability of this type of cement translates to long-term cost savings by reducing future maintenance requirements.

SESCO Has You Covered with Type S Cement

SESCO carries White Type S Masonry Cement in 75 lb. bags straight from our facility. No matter how many bags you need for the construction job or your store shelves, we have the cement you need in stock.

Get in touch with our customer service representatives today to discuss your ordering needs. We will walk you through the various benefits of this top-tier product and help you complete the ordering process efficiently.

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