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White Masonry Cement: We Offer Multiple Ordering Options

White masonry cement is a versatile building material that plays a crucial role in a wide range of construction projects. Fortunately, SESCO Cement has multiple types of white cement available as easy-to-order bags.

Let’s take a closer look at the uses of these products. We’ll also highlight our selection of products for use in a construction project or to offer customers on your store shelves.

Uses of White Masonry Cement

Our top-tier products are specifically formulated to meet the requirements necessary for building walls, façades, and other structural elements that use bricks, blocks, or stone. In particular, it is helpful in the following applications.

Bricklaying & Concrete Block Construction

When adhesive strength is required, masonry cement provides a strong connection between bricks and blocks to create durable walls in residential and commercial projects.

Whether you or your customers are building walls, foundations, or exterior façades, its bonding properties ensure the structural integrity of these projects.

Stucco & Plaster

Masonry cement is often used to create stucco and plaster finishes on both interior and exterior walls. It helps achieve a smooth and aesthetically pleasing surface that can be painted or textured.

Repointing & Repair

When old structures need to be repaired, or the grout between bricks needs repointing, masonry cement provides a reliable way to fill the gaps, cracks, and voids in existing brickwork. The result is extending the lifespan of buildings.

Heat-Sensitive Applications

Tackling projects where heat is a factor requires materials that can withstand high temperatures and retain their strength and adhesion. Whether constructing chimneys or putting in an outdoor fire pit, masonry cement is the perfect choice for a long-lasting build.

Who Needs White Masonry Cement?

Because it’s such an adaptable material, many different customers need to obtain bagged masonry cement:

  • Builders and contractors: quickly obtain your daily supply of bagged cement for the next phase of a construction project.
  • Hardware or building supply store owners: buy bagged cement by the pallet from SESCO to meet the needs of every customer with ease.

For example, construction contractors specializing in residential or light commercial projects may find bagged cement suitable for their needs. It allows them to efficiently complete masonry work on a smaller scale with the bulk quantities required for large construction sites.

Likewise, contractors involved in restoring or renovating historic buildings and structures may need bagged cement to match the existing materials and ensure the preservation of architectural heritage.

In both examples, using smaller amounts allows for custom mixes and combinations that more easily fit the aesthetic and functional needs of these jobs.

The Bagged White Cement We Offer

SESCO is proud to offer bagged white cement in multiple formulations. No matter the project, we have you covered with the best quality products.

White Masonry Type N

This specially blended cement is perfect for use in stone, brick, block, and thin veneer construction, as well as many stucco applications.

A mixture of Portland cement, limestone, plasticizers, and other modifiers, TEX-WHITE Masonry Type N is easy to work with above grade in a variety of situations.

  • Available in 70 lb. bags

White Masonry Type S

With a higher compressive strength than Type N, TEX-WHITE Masonry Type S is the ideal cement for load-bearing applications above or below grade. Its clean white color looks great as grout or stucco, and it easily stands the test of time in builds where heat or moisture are a factor.

  • Available in 75 lb. bags

White Portland Type I

Perhaps you need a different type of white cement for your job or to offer your customers. In addition to our masonry cement offerings, we offer an incredibly versatile material, TEX-WHITE Portland Type I. This Portland cement product can be used in countless projects.

Because of its high compressive strength, quick setting time, and low color variability, it’s perfect for everything from precast stone to sidewalks to finishing plaster, where aesthetics and strength are both primary concerns.

  • Available in 92.6 lb bags

Find The White Cement You Need

Ready to set up an order of white masonry cement or similar white Portland cement? Get in touch with our helpful sales team today. We are prepared to walk you through the ordering process and get you set up.

Whether you are looking to obtain bagged cement for construction projects or need high-quality cement to offer your customers, we’ll work with you to ensure a smooth ordering process that fits your schedule.

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