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We Handle Your Gray Portland Cement Needs in Houston

We Handle Your Gray Portland Cement Needs in Houston

Are you or your company in the market to procure gray Portland cement? If you’re located within the Greater Houston area, SESCO Cement has you covered.

We’re proud to be a local supplier of quality products for a wide variety of clients. With bags on hand and bulk orders available for projects within a 100-mile radius of our facility, our team is ready to get started on your order.

First, let’s review the best uses of gray Portland cement.

When Should You Utilize Gray Portland Cement?

Gray Portland cement is a versatile and widely used construction material. It serves as the backbone for a broad spectrum of building projects thanks to its flexibility and durability.

Having a reputable source for this product is a must for today’s construction professionals. Among its applications are the following examples.

Concrete Production

Gray Portland cement is the primary ingredient in the production of concrete. When combined with aggregates like sand and gravel, water, and other additives, it forms a robust and moldable building material. This mixture can be used for everything from sidewalks and driveways to structural elements in buildings.

Masonry Work

Portland cement is often used to create mortar or as a primary component of masonry cement. This functionality is essential for binding bricks, blocks, and stones in various construction projects like walls, façades, and chimneys.

Stucco & Plaster

Whether you’re working on interior or exterior finishes, this cement is a key part of many stucco and plaster formulations because of its adhesive strength and durability.

Precast Concrete Products

In today’s fast-paced world, the production of precast concrete items can speed up construction and deliver better results. Pieces like architectural details, pipes, and utility structures rely on gray cement for its strength, moldability, and ability to maintain its precise form during curing.

Infrastructure Construction

Gray Portland cement is a vital component in the building of roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. Capable of withstanding heavy loads and environmental stresses, it contributes to the longevity and resilience of these critical projects.


Lastly, this dependable cement is used to fill gaps in grout and masonry work. It can also be employed in concrete repair work, which allows for the restoration of deteriorated structures.

We Have Gray Portland Cement in Stock

SESCO offers gray Portland cement in bags and bulk. Our top-tier products are useful in a wide variety of projects where consistency and quality are important.

Gray Portland Type I/II (Bulk)

A basic building material, Gray Portland Type I/II, is suitable for load-bearing units or free-standing structures where high compressive strength and quick setting time are needed. Equally useful in everything from stucco to manufactured stone to paving applications, this cement is a true workhorse.

Gray Portland Type I/II (Bags)

Our TEX-GRAY Portland Cement Type I/II is a valuable building material that supports the daily needs of construction projects. Contractors can utilize this product in various commercial and architectural concrete construction applications.

Plus, we ensure that each bag of gray Portland cement meets the highest standards expected for the job site. We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure product performance and uniformity every time.

  • Available in 92.6 lb bags

Let’s Get Started on Your Gray Portland Cement Order

SESCO Cement is located right here in Houston, making it easy to obtain the cement you need for each job. Our Houston terminal is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to handle your bulk or bagged cement order with ease.

To learn more about our gray Portland cement offerings and get started on the ordering process, talk to our customer service team. We are local to Houston and ready to serve your needs.

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