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Bags of white cement from SESCO Cement on a pallet

How Many Bags of Cement on a Pallet Do You Need?

When it comes to buying large amounts of cement, purchasing bagged cement by the pallet can often be the easiest and most cost-effective solution. Easily transportable, pallets allow you to move larger quantities of product at a time while retaining the convenience of bagged cement.

SESCO Cement knows this is a win-win scenario, so we offer mechanically palletized inventory straight from our facility. The question is: how many bags of cement on a pallet do you need? We have you covered no matter how much you require. Learn how you can benefit from our robust palletized system.

The Benefits of Palletizing Bagged Cement

Buying bagged cement on pallets offers several benefits for construction supply stores or brick stores that serve the needs of professional builders. Choosing palletized cement bags is especially beneficial for stores that do not have the capacity to handle bulk orders. Find out more about the advantages of palletized cement for your store.

Handling & Transport

One significant advantage of purchasing bagged cement on pallets is the ease of handling and transportation. Cement bags are heavy and can be cumbersome to carry individually. By packaging them on pallets, the bags are neatly organized and secured, making it more convenient for customers to purchase them from your store and transport them to the job site. 

This arrangement saves time, reduces physical strain on workers, and promotes a safer and more ergonomic work environment.


Construction sites often have limited space, and keeping loose bags of cement can lead to clutter and disarray. Pallets allow for efficient staking and storage at your store, ensuring that the cement bags are easily accessible for customers to transport to the job site.

An organized storage system contributes to a more efficient workflow, as workers can quickly locate and retrieve the necessary materials while performing duties.


Another benefit of palletized cement bags is the improved protection of cement bags during transportation and storage. Pallets provide a stable and elevated platform, preventing direct contact with the ground and minimizing the risk of moisture absorption.

Moisture can compromise cement quality, leading to clumping and reduced effectiveness. By keeping the bags on pallets, the cement remains dry and in optimal condition. Then, your customers can use the product as intended.

We provide added protection by including a moisture barrier polyethylene layer in every bag. This feature provides an additional measure of protection between the paper bag layer and the cement, ensuring quality in every bag.

Inventory Management

The use of pallets also enhances inventory management at your store. With bags neatly arranged on pallets, it becomes easier to track the quantity of cement on hand.

Visiting your cement stock helps prevent shortages or overordering, enabling better control over expenses and resource allocation. Efficient inventory management is crucial for keeping enough cement in stock to support your customers, making the construction process more cost-effective.

Environmental Impact

In addition to these practical advantages, the environmental impact of using pallets should not be overlooked. Pallets are often reusable and recyclable, contributing to sustainable construction practices for your customers.

By choosing bagged cement on pallets, you can help do your part to foster a more environmentally responsible approach to construction.

SESCO Has It In The Bag

At SESCO, we’re proud to offer various cement products in palletized bags. Each bag is carefully loaded and organized by our state-of-the-art mechanical rotary packing machines.

The automatic pallet assembly line ensures even, precise loading that reduces potential safety issues and ensures a stable end product.

In general, a pallet can hold between 2,800 to 3,000 lbs. Depending on the size of the bags you order, you will have more or less individual packages on each pallet. Here’s what you can expect from our white and gray bagged cement products.

White Masonry Cement

  • White Masonry Type N is available in 70 lb bags. A pallet can hold 40 of these bags.
  • White Masonry Type S is available in 75 lb bags. A pallet can hold 40 of these bags.
  • White Portland Type I is available in 92.6 lb bags. A pallet can hold 35 of these bags.

Gray Masonry Cement

  • Gray Masonry Type N is available in 70 lb bags. A pallet can hold 40 of these bags.
  • Gray Masonry Type S is available in 75 lb bags. A pallet can hold 40 of these bags.
  • Gray Portland Type I is available in 92.6 lb bags. A pallet can hold 35 of these bags. 

How Many Bags of Cement on a Pallet: Get in Touch With Us

Want to know more about what SESCO offers or the benefits of buying palletized bags? Contact our helpful customer service team.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the ordering process, talk about how many bags of cement on a pallet you need for your store, and answer any questions you might have about scheduling orders for your store.

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