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Considering Portland Cement Suppliers? We Are Environmentally Friendly

We know you have choices when looking to procure Portland Cement for your jobs. But not all Portland Cement suppliers are the same. If sustainability is important to your company, you can rely on SESCO Cement to align with your values.

We are committed to sustainability when manufacturing and sourcing cement for our customers. You can be sure that we will provide you with cement at the best price while making the least impact on the environment possible. Aerial view of SESCO Cement’s Houston, Texas terminal

Taking Steps Toward the Future

Cement is used in so many parts of our world that it’s become a vital commodity. Because of its importance in supporting the construction of buildings and infrastructure, SESCO takes our role seriously by helping offset the effects of heavy-duty construction on the environment.

Specifically, we follow sustainable practices, support recycling, and participate in community outreach programs. Find out more about what SESCO is doing to ensure a low-carbon future and support the circular economy:

  • Carbon Emissions: SESCO has committed to a goal of becoming carbon neutral by the year 2030.
  • Alternative Fuels: We are exploring alternative fuel sources for our operations, and we recycle worn-out tires to turn them into fuel for manufacturing.
  • Recycling: In an effort to contribute to a circular economy, SESCO captures and recovers waste heat to reduce fuel requirements (fuel that is also made with repurposed tires!).
  • Looking Out for the Local Environment: We live and work in Houston, so keeping our environmental impact low helps you and us. We keep the facility clean with sweepers and water trucks and make every effort to reduce and prevent the buildup of dust.

SESCO is Part of the Community

As a family company, we want what’s best for our employees and customers. Whether that’s passing savings on to you, ensuring our facility is in perfect order, or supporting activities in the community, we focus on the little things that have a big impact later on.

Keeping Everyone Safe

Ensuring that our employees, contractors, and visitors to the plant are working in a healthy, safe area is at the forefront of our operation. Reducing contaminants in the air and scheduling routine cleaning and maintenance help to prevent injuries or illnesses.

Engage and Support

Outside the plant, we know our customers are working hard to build up Houston. We want to help give back to the community that supports us.

We are proud to be part of multiple local business groups like the Greater Houston Builders Association, and we support organizations such as Trees for Houston and Dia de los Muertos Magnolia Park. SESCO knows an investment in local endeavors is a win for everyone.

Quality Options from SESCO

On top of our commitment to the environment and the people around us, we pride ourselves on having top-notch products for all your cement projects. SESCO offers high-quality Gray and White Portland cement in pre-measured bags or in bulk.

Gray Cement

Our Gray Portland Type I/II is available in bulk or in easily transportable bags . Suitable for any type of project that requires superior strength and a quick setting time, Gray Portland Cement can be used inside and out. It’s ready to mix and can be used in a variety of projects.

White Cement

If you need low color variability and the same excellent quality as our Gray product, White Portland Type I cement is also available in bags or bulk . Perfect for load-bearing or free-standing structures, it can be used as mixed or colored for an aesthetic look that matches your architect’s vision.

SESCO: Make Us Your First Call for Portland Cement Suppliers

Ready to partner with SESCO and choose a more sustainable cement solution? Get in touch with our customer service associates available 24/7 . We’ll be happy to walk you through any and all options for your cement needs.

We look forward to becoming one of your preferred Portland Cement suppliers.

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