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Grey Mortar vs White Mortar: What’s the Difference?

When facing a project that calls for high-quality mortar, it’s important to know how to select the right products for the job. Do you need Gray or White cement? Type N or Type S? And what are the differences between those anyway?

SESCO Cement has the answers to your questions about grey mortar vs white mortar. Learn more about these classifications to order the correct products below.

Gray or White?

Gray and white masonry cement have different applications. Each offers its own perks and comes in Type N or Type S for normal or strength-intensive builds. The TEX-CEM products offer unmatched durability and quality at SESCO’s flexible prices.

Grey Mortar

TEX-GRAY Masonry Cement from SESCO will provide an easily workable grey mortar using only sand and water. The cement is precisely mixed to ensure consistency, performance, and uniformity right out of the bag.

If your job calls for an application of mortar that fades into the overall design, grey mortar is what you need. It draws less attention to itself and pairs well with bricks with a high color variance. The gray helps pull these mismatched pieces together into a cohesive unit.

White Mortar

If you want your mortar noticed, then stick to white! This product is often used to create a more visual contrast between traditional red or brown bricks. The white mortar and uniform bricks can create a classic, strong, and timeless look.

TEX-WHITE Masonry Cement from SESCO has the purity required for your job. It can be used as stucco as well as for interior and exterior applications.

White mortar can also be used to blend in with lighter-colored stones or bricks where grey mortar is too dark. The use of a brighter mortar helps to establish a uniform exterior appearance.

Which Type? N or S?

You might have noticed that bags of masonry cement will specify Type N or Type S, along with the color. All TEX-CEM products are labeled as such, but what does that extra classification mean?

Type N

Type N should be your first choice if you’re looking for an all-purpose masonry cement. As a general-use cement, it’s specially formulated for use in above-grade, non-load-bearing walls. It provides excellent workability and can be used on interior walls, veneers, and exterior walls under normal conditions.

Type S

Type S masonry cement is the best choice for a stronger structural product. With a higher strength rating than Type N, this cement is suitable for below-grade and load-bearing applications where its counterpart might fall short. Type S should be used for brickwork where reinforcement is required or where high pressure is expected, like brick pavements or masonry foundations.

Bonding & Pressure

When choosing a type of cement, it’s important to take into consideration the amount of pressure the finished product will be under. Noting the compressive strength and bonding properties of your chosen masonry cement will help ensure your final product is as strong as it needs to be.

Type S contains more Portland Cement than Type N, so its compressive strength is higher. This means it can withstand more pressure over time, which is why it’s better for below-grade brickwork.

Type S also has a higher bond strength and stands up better to seismic activity and soil pressure. Type N, which is more suited for above-grade applications, is ideal for areas that must withstand high heat (like a chimney) or extreme weather.

Solutions for Grey Mortar vs White Mortar

SESCO Cement has all types of grey and white mortar ready for your next project. We pride ourselves on speedy service and have the only 24/7 plant in the Houston area. On top of that, our customer service team is available to answer your questions by phone or at the facility at any time.

As a family company, we value your time and work hard to provide the ideal experience for our customers. We’ll happily work with your budget and ensure we earn your repeat business.

Order Gray and White Cement By the Bag

At SESCO, we offer multiple options in bags that have been machine-palletized for easier loading, faster pickup, and less chance of human error. If you need grey or white masonry cement, we’ve got you covered! These bags are available for pickup:

Have specific questions about which mortar is right for your needs? Get in touch with our team today for more information .

SESCO customer service is available any time you have questions. We’re ready to walk you through understanding grey mortar vs white mortar and how we can meet your needs.

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