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A bag of White Masonry Type S from SESCO Cement

Our White Type S Mortar is Ready for the Job Site

White Type S mortar is a specialized form of masonry cement that offers unique advantages in various construction applications. Construction supply stores and brick stores can benefit from learning more about this type of bagged cement that your customers need for the job site.

What Makes White Type S Mortar Stand Out?

Unlike regular mortar, which is typically gray in color, white Type S mortar is formulated with white Portland cement, resulting in a bright and clean appearance.

This type of mortar’s distinctive characteristics make it a preferred choice for projects where aesthetics play a crucial role. For example, customers may require this product for the construction of architectural elements, facades, or structures with light-colored materials. 

Fortunately, SESCO Cement offers White Masonry Type S cement in easy-to-transport bags so you can help your customers get their projects off to the right start.

What Are The Benefits of White Masonry Type S?

There are a number of reasons your customer would use White Type S on a job site. Right off the bat, contractors appreciate its versatility as well as its durability.

Type S cement has over twice the compressive strength as Type N cement, making it perfect for below-grade construction and projects where environmental factors are an issue. In addition to this feature, your customers can benefit in the following ways.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the primary benefits of White Type S mortar is its ability to enhance the visual appeal of finished masonry work. It provides a clean and uniform background, allowing the natural colors of stones or bricks to stand out prominently.

This built-in functionality makes it an ideal choice for projects where the visual impact is a key consideration. For example, it can be used in high-end residential homes, historical renovations, or commercial buildings with intricate designs.

Quality & Stability

In addition to its aesthetic advantages, White Type S cement maintains the same structural integrity and performance as standard gray mortars.

It possesses excellent bond strength, durability, and resistance to weathering, ensuring that the constructed elements remain stable and reliable over time. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including load-bearing walls, chimneys, and other structural components.


Furthermore, White Type S mortar is versatile and can be used with various masonry units, including brick, stone, and concrete blocks. Its compatibility with different materials enhances its applicability in diverse construction projects.

Contractors and builders appreciate its workability and ease of use, allowing for efficient and precise installation.

We Have White Type S Mortar in Stock

At SESCO, we offer top-of-the-line formulations of TEX-WHITE cement. Our White Masonry Type S is available in 75 lb. bags and can be picked up from our Houston facility.

Need to place a larger order to fill your store shelves? We have you covered with the support of our automated palletizing machines. We carefully and quickly stack your bags for transport to your store, ensuring a clean and efficient delivery.

And, if you need additional types of white masonry cement, we have you covered. We provide our customers with multiple ordering options for white cement to address your latest needs.

Get In Touch With Us for White Mortar Ordering

Want to know more about the high-quality White Type S Mortar we offer? Contact our sales associates today.

We’ll be happy to walk you through the benefits of this versatile product and set up your order as soon as you’re ready. We ensure cement is always ready for your customer’s job site.

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