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Portland Type 1 Cement: View Bagged and Bulk Options

Portland Type 1 Cement: View Bagged and Bulk Options

Known for its versatility and strength, Portland Type 1 cement is widely used in numerous construction scenarios. One of its key benefits lies in its exceptional compressive strength, making it suitable for many different applications.

Because this cement type is ideal for structural projects where durability and load-bearing capacity are crucial, Portland Type I has become a staple throughout the industry.

SESCO Cement is your one-stop shop for buying cement, as we stock multiple types of Portland cement in easy-to-load bags and bulk quantities. Find out more about our available ordering options for concrete mixes.

Why Select Portland Type 1 Cement?

Made primarily of calcium, silica, alumina, and iron, Portland Type I cement has a significant advantage in diverse regions. It can withstand environmental conditions, including freezing and thawing cycles, and has high sulfate resistance.

It’s suitable for load-bearing units or free-standing structures that require high early strength and a quick setting time.

In addition to its durability and versatility, Portland cement is easy to work with. This functionality allows for precise molding and shaping during construction thanks to its unmatched consistency and quality performance.

Portland Type 1 Cement We Carry at SESCO Cement

SESCO carries both white and gray varieties of Portland cement, and we’re happy to fill orders large and small. Bulk orders are available to our customers in Houston and throughout the Greater Houston area.


Buying cement in bulk quantities from SESCO couldn’t be easier. At our Houston terminal, we operate a 140,000-ton storage dome with an interconnected buffer silo system that feeds directly to our four self-service loading lanes.

  • Gray Portland Type I/II: A basic building material for commercial and architectural construction applications, Gray Portland Type I/II is perfect for everything from sidewalks to floor tiles.
  • White Portland Type I: Known for its bright white color and consistency, White Portland Type I is ideal for more aesthetic builds where strength and durability are still a concern.


Need cement in bags? The pick-up process from our four loading bays is quick and efficient. Our facility boasts an automatic pallet assembly line and two rotary packing machines that ensure you receive the right amount of product in an easily transportable and safe configuration. Consider our gray and white bagged Portland cement options.

  • Gray Portland Type I: Available in 92.6 lb bags, this easy-to-use cement is the preferred material for cast stone applications, pool construction, and even grout products.
  • White Portland Type I: Available in 92.6 lb bags, this bright cement works well to create aesthetically pleasing areas that work in both small projects and larger endeavors. 

Take Care of Your Portland Cement Ordering Needs

Does your next project call for Portland Type 1 cement? Do you operate a construction supply store that needs a reliable source of cement? Get in touch with SESCO today.
Our helpful customer service team will answer any questions you might have about how to order Portland cement. We’ll get your bulk or bagged order set up in no time.

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