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SESCO Cement Gray and White cement selection

Type 1 Portland Cement: Our Gray and White Selection

Type 1 Portland cement stands as a cornerstone building material in the construction industry. Available in both gray and white varieties, this cement type exhibits distinct qualities that cater to specific construction needs.

Find out why SESCO Cement is your one-stop solution for this versatile and reliable product for your specific application.

Benefits of Gray Type 1 Portland Cement

Available in bulk as well as 92.6 lb. bags from our facility, Gray Type I Portland Cement is a jack of all trades. It can be used in a variety of industries and exhibits notable properties that make it a go-to material in many situations.


Gray Type I Portland Cement is the most common and widely used variety. It is suitable for a broad range of construction applications, including the production of concrete, mortar, and stucco. Its versatility makes it a preferred choice for various construction projects, from residential structures to large-scale infrastructure developments.


Known for its high compressive strength, gray Type I Portland Cement ensures durable and resilient structures. It provides the stability and load-bearing capacity required to construct buildings, bridges, highways, and other critical infrastructure.


The cost-effectiveness of gray Type I Portland Cement makes it an attractive option for construction companies working on projects with budget constraints. Its widespread availability and consistent quality contribute to its popularity among contractors and builders.

Benefits of White Type I Portland Cement

If your job calls for more color consistency and aesthetic appeal, White Type I Portland Cement may be just the ticket. SESCO has it in stock as 92.6 lb. bags or straight from our silos in bulk.

Aesthetic Appeal 

White Type I Portland Cement is distinguished by its clean and bright appearance, making it ideal for projects where aesthetics are crucial. This variety is commonly used in architectural and decorative applications, such as creating white or colored concrete, precast elements, and decorative finishes.

Color Consistency 

White Type I Portland Cement allows for accurate color control in the final product. This consistency is especially important in projects where maintaining a specific color palette or achieving a particular design is paramount.

Specialized Applications 

White cement is often chosen for specialized applications, including the production of terrazzo, mosaic tiles, and architectural concrete elements. Its use extends to projects where a pristine and sophisticated finish is desired, such as in high-end residential or commercial developments.

Businesses Benefiting from Bulk Purchases

Because of its special properties, many businesses can employ Type 1 Portland Cement in their day-to-day operations. Construction companies, concrete suppliers, architectural firms, and concrete manufacturers all leverage this product’s extreme workability for superior results.

Consider the advantages of selecting Portland Cement in bulk from our robust terminal.

Gray in Bulk

For construction companies, bulk purchases cater to the high demand for gray Type I cement in constructing buildings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Ready-mix concrete suppliers benefit from bulk purchases of gray cement because it ensures a steady supply to meet the demands of various construction projects – from residential to industrial.

White in Bulk

Architectural firms, decorative concrete manufacturers, and other businesses focusing on aesthetic aspects of construction often find white Portland Cement invaluable. Bulk purchases enable them to maintain consistent quality and color for specialized applications.

Get In Touch to Discuss Type 1 Portland Cement

Does your company need a steady supply of Type 1 Portland Cement for specific job requirements? Get in touch with a SESCO representative today.

Our team is prepared to answer your questions about the ordering process to get you started. We offer prompt delivery from our local terminal, ensuring consistent access to high-quality cement according to your project schedule.

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