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Mortar created from SESCO bagged cement

Why Color Matters When Selecting Bagged Mortar

The choice of mortar color plays a pivotal role in the aesthetics and overall appearance of masonry and construction projects.

When using bagged mortar, particularly in gray and white varieties, the color becomes a critical consideration for functional and visual reasons.

For construction supply stores and brick stores, it’s important to know why color matters when ordering a supply of bagged cement. You want to ensure you have an ideal supply that builders and contractors will use to mix mortar on the job site.

Important Characteristics of Gray Mortar

A popular choice in construction, Gray Masonry Cement offers a neutral and traditional appearance that complements a wide range of brick and stone finishes. Available in Type N and Type S, its versatility makes it suitable for various architectural styles, providing a timeless and classic look.

Gray mortar blends seamlessly with darker-colored bricks, creating a cohesive and balanced façade. Additionally, its neutral tone can help conceal minor imperfections in the mortar joints, contributing to a clean and polished finish.

Important Characteristics of White Mortar

White Masonry Cement, which is also available from SESCO in Type S and Type N, introduces a crisp and clean aesthetic to masonry work. It is a preferred choice for projects where a brighter and more modern appearance is desired.

White mortar allows for greater design flexibility, particularly in contemporary or minimalist architectural styles. The color contrast it provides with lighter-colored bricks or stones enhances the visual appeal of the structure.

Moreover, white mortar reflects light, contributing to a brighter overall appearance and making it an excellent choice for areas with limited natural light.

Colored Mortar as an Extension of White Mortar

Colored mortar, while not as common as gray or white, can be a creative extension of white mortar. By adding pigments to white mortar, a spectrum of colors can be achieved, allowing for greater customization and design possibilities.

Colored mortar can be strategically used to highlight architectural features, create patterns, or match specific design themes. This customization adds a unique touch to the project, making it stand out and allowing for personalization based on the designer’s vision.

SESCO Has Bagged Mortar for Your Store

SESCO Cement carries high-quality Gray, White, and Colored masonry cement. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about buying bagged mortar to fill your store shelves.

We understand the impact of color on your customer’s project’s aesthetics. Knowing what type of cement to stock to support your customers’ jobs will help increase sales and customer satisfaction.

We can also serve as your guide, helping your team provide builders and designers with the latest information about the type of cement they need to enhance the beauty and longevity of their constructed structure.
Get in touch with our customer service department today to learn more about our cement. We would also be glad to set up a regular schedule of bagged cement orders.

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