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As an owner or manager, it’s important to have access to a steady supply of high-quality white cement products that you can easily purchase according to your schedule needs.

SESCO Cement is prepared to align with your ordering requirements for mortar in a variety of forms, including White Mortar Mix Type S. Our terminal is fully stocked with bagged white cement products, and we’re ready to fulfill your orders.

White Mortar Mix Type S: A Versatile Product

White Masonry Type S cement is a crucial material in the completion of construction projects where strength and aesthetics are highly valued. Known for its ability to support below-grade load-bearing applications with ease, Type S can be used in various projects.

Colored Mortar

Because of the purity necessary to maintain a white cement’s hue, White Masonry Type S is the perfect base for any project that requires a colored mortar! Adding different sand to the cement will change its overall tone to fit any architect’s design.

Plaster & Stucco

Whether you’re dealing with interior walls or exterior coverings, White Masonry Type S is a great choice for plaster and stucco because of its enhanced durability and uniform color.


Many projects that are built below grade or in close proximity to water require a quality mortar like Type S that will withstand pressure and wet conditions all at once.

Contractors in charge of building underground construction like sewers and manholes need to be confident that their work will last once it’s covered with earth.

Retaining Walls

Pressure from large amounts of dirt and stone can take its toll on weaker cement mixtures. White Masonry Type S offers the perfect combination of strength and uniformity for retaining structures where utility meets visible surfaces that need to be aesthetically pleasing.

Patio & Pavement

Whether laying bricks or tiles or creating a smooth outdoor surface, TEX-WHITE Type S is an ideal selection. Not only does it provide workability and hold up under the pressure of increased foot and machine traffic, but it also does so in a clean, visibly perfect manner.

Type N vs. Type S Mortar Mix?

But what about Type N Masonry Cement? How does it differ from its closely-related Type S cousin?

Type S masonry cement is an industry-standard cement designed for load-bearing structures and projects requiring a higher level of strength. It has a higher compressive strength compared to Type N cement, making it more suitable for heavy-duty applications such as retaining walls, foundations, and structural elements.

On the other hand, Type N masonry cement offers moderate strength and is commonly used for non-load-bearing applications and projects finished above grade. It is ideal for general-purpose projects like laying brick walls, stucco applications, and exterior veneers.

Type N cement provides good workability and is more resistant to cracking caused by shrinkage, making it suitable for areas with moderate temperature fluctuations.

The SESCO Difference

Here at SESCO Cement, we know that your time is precious. That’s why we built an efficient system to ensure you gain access to the best white cement products in an efficient manner.

Quality Products

We offer top-tier Type S TEX-WHITE Cement products that are suitable for color-sensitive, non-load-bearing mortar and outer plastering finishes. You can rely on a uniform, well-mixed compound every time.

Top-Tier Facility

SESCO operates a state-of-the-art terminal in Houston that has the capabilities your company needs to maintain a busy work schedule.

Not only do we have everything you need, but we also make it easy to get in and out at any time of day. Our automated bagging stations reduce human error and make for quick loading of all required products.

Customer Service

Our staff is ready to answer any questions you might have 24/7 by phone or at the terminal. You will feel confident in your decision to work with SESCO Cement for every order, every time.

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We have what it takes to be your preferred vendor for White Mortar Mix Type S. Want to learn more about working with us? Get in touch with our friendly team today . We will happily walk you through all the reasons that SESCO Cement is a cut above the rest.

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