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How to Select a Weekly Supplier of Grey Cement

Are you the owner or manager of a store that needs to purchase cement on a weekly basis? Whether you operate a masonry supply, lumber yard, hardware store, or construction supply company, chances are you’re looking for a supplier that provides grey cement in a timely, efficient manner.

Find out why SESCO Cement is the ideal partner to support your everyday needs for high-quality cement!

What Makes a Great Supplier of Grey Cement?

What sets a top-tier supplier apart from the competition? Several factors need to work in sync to ensure you receive access to bags of grey cement your customers need. Consider these critical characteristics when deciding on a cement supplier.


With recurring purchases, you want to set it and forget it. It’s an unneeded hassle when things don’t go smoothly, products are out of stock at the last minute, and details change without notification.

More time spent rehashing specifics means lost time and income for you and your business. Getting a reliable supplier means having a company that does the heavy lifting for you! We make sure your cement is ready to go when you need it .


Have questions about an upcoming order? Can’t get to the phone before the close of the normal business day? You want a cement supplier that operates around your schedule so you can be sure that stock is on-hand.

Our 24/7 customer service team is ready to help day or night by phone or at our terminal.


Quick service and good prices are all fine and good, but you don’t have to trade speed for quality! At SESCO, we deliver high-quality products without sacrificing speed to fulfill orders.

Our efficient system ensures that we can supply TEX-CEM products in bags according to your specific needs.


Your customers rely on your company to have what they need in stock. That’s why it’s important to work with a cement supplier that has plenty of products in stock to help keep your store shelves stocked.

The SESCO terminal boasts storage domes that can fit up to 140,000 tons with six buffer silos that can hold up to 400 tons each. That’s a lot of cement we can fill into durable bags!

All of our bagged products are machine palletized, so that means easy and quick loading at the terminal with less room for human error. This process results in better interactions, faster pickups, and a smoother operation for everyone.


SESCO is a family company that is proud to be a part of the Houston community. We know you have options for purchasing cement, but we take special pride in being an integral part of helping build a more sustainable city where our employees and customers live and work.

Plus, knowing the stores and businesses that use our products on the regular helps to establish a bond of trust that will put you at ease and alleviate the stress of dealing with a faceless corporation.

We’ve Got Your Options in the Bag

SESCO is proud to carry pre-bagged TEX-GRAY cement in three different types: Type N, Type S, and Type I/II.

Gray Masonry Type N

Gray Masonry Type N is perfect for use in masonry mortar that can be applied in tandem with brick or block and is also used as a stucco or wall plaster. Its mix of Portland cement, limestone, and other elements can be used above grade or on non-load-bearing areas.

Gray Masonry Type S

Gray Masonry Type S has the same type of play and workability as Type N but has over double the compressive strength as its cousin. That means that Type S is ready for use below grade or in load-bearing situations where a quality mortar is needed.

Gray Portland Type I/II

Gray Portland Type I/II is a basic building material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It’s finely manufactured for cast concrete, grout products, tiles, sidewalks, and all manner of construction projects. This is a truly versatile product!

Learn More About Our Grey Cement Ordering Options

Would you like to know more about working with SESCO to fulfill regular orders of grey cement? Need to place additional orders for white cement? Get in touch with us today !

Our helpful and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to walk you through our ordering process. One call is all it takes to see why SESCO should be your preferred cement supplier.

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