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SESCO Core Values: Announcing Our Sustainability Vision

Earlier this year, we unveiled our corporate mission, vision, and values that drive our actions at SESCO Cement. As we seek to be a responsible cement supplier in the communities where we operate, we are focused on taking the appropriate steps to support sustainability.

As part of our monthly schedule of articles unpacking the S-E-S-C-O vision for 2023, we will dive into our sustainability vision—a critical aspect of our company’s core values:

  • S afety.
  • E mployees.
  • S ustainability.
  • C ustomers.
  • O ptimization.

Sustainability Vision: Why Sustainability Matters

The cement industry is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. As such, we are actively taking steps to help reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

Specifically, we are driving toward a future operating reality where we supply SCM ( Supplementary Cementitious Materials ) and other types of cement with a lower carbon footprint, such as type IL and IP.

In addition, we are planning to increase our energy efficiency and become more dependent on clean sources of energy. Taking these steps will help us responsibly achieve our goals of expanding our presence in the cement and construction materials markets.

Sustainability in Action: Environment, People, and Communities

Our goal is to be an environmentally-responsible supplier of high-quality cement. We have placed a priority on operating our facilities safely and responsibly. It will cover the following areas:

  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Health and Safety
  • Community Engagement

Environmental Stewardship

Our manufacturing processes are designed for a low-carbon future. We also want to be participants in a circular economy by strengthening our commitment to sustainability. We have established clear goals to help us achieve this objective:

  • Become carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Use alternative fuel sources for manufacturing.
  • Capture and recover waste heat to reduce fuel requirements.
  • Reduce our impact on the local environment through more efficient processes.

Health and Safety

Our daily operations are centered on protecting the health and safety of our employees, neighbors, and community. We emphasize people-first operations because we believe our employees are the most essential part of our business.

Our expectation is that our employees, contractors, and anyone who visits one of our facilities will feel comfortable, safe, and healthy.

As part of our S-E-S-C-O corporate mission and vision, we have implemented employee development programs to help prevent accidents and injuries. We have also focused on building a strong culture that fosters a secure, safe, and productive work environment.

Community Engagement

We are a part of and value the communities in which we work. We strive to help our communities as individuals to collectively grow, thrive, and succeed.

Our priorities for community engagement include volunteering, sponsorship, and active participation. We support community initiatives and business organizations at the local level to help develop a stronger business ecosystem.

  • We support organizations that focus on sustainability, healthcare, youth sports, and education.
  • We partner with organizations that promote continuing education, advocacy, and workforce development.

Partner with SESCO Cement to Support Sustainability

We believe in leaving the world a better place through environmental stewardship, safety programs, and community engagement. Every day, we take another step toward achieving a low-carbon future that will benefit our people, communities, and customers.

We encourage your company to partner with us on this impactful journey. To learn more about our sustainability vision, get in touch with us to request additional information .

We are making a difference and invite you to join us as we responsibly meet today’s cement needs for our customers.

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