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What Are the Different Types of Wholesale Cement Bags?

Are you responsible for regularly purchasing bagged cement for your business? Does your daily routine include coordinating the selection of cement products for the job site? It’s important to stay informed about the different types of wholesale cement bags available for purchase.

Learn more about the high-quality cement options offered by SESCO Cement .

SESCO Has Several Options for Wholesale Cement Bags

SESCO is proud to offer a wide selection of bagged TEX-CEM cement products. We pride ourselves on supplying you with the best quality product to support building requirements. Our in-stock offerings include the following products.

White Masonry Type N

White Masonry Type N is a specific blend of Portland cement, limestone, plasticizers, and other elements that mix to form a high-performance product ideal for masonry mortar above grade and for use in stone, brick, block, or veneer construction.

Because of its light color and uniformity, this type of cement can also be used for exterior or interior walls that need a clean finish.

  • Available in 70 lbs. bags.

White Masonry Type S

White Masonry Type S has many of the same excellent qualities as Type N but is made to withstand more in a load-bearing or below-grade setting. It still retains the sparkling white color but has a compressive strength of 2100 psi as opposed to the Type N, which is rated at 900 psi.

  • Available in 75 lbs. bags.

White Masonry Type I

White Masonry Type I is a versatile Portland Cement that can be used as a basic building material in a number of commercial and architectural applications.

Whether your job calls for cast stone, statuary, tiles, stucco, concrete countertops, or anything else that requires a reliably uniform finish, this is the product for you.

  • Available in 92.6 lbs bags.

Gray Masonry Type N

Gray Masonry Type N has all of the same great qualities as its White Masonry cousin and is an excellent choice for mortar in industrial or commercial construction. Using water and mason sand, this cement can be mixed easily to produce excellent results in interior or exterior builds.

  • Available in 70 lbs. bags.

Gray Masonry Type S

Gray Masonry Type S ups the ante of the Gray Type N with increased strength while maintaining the same workability and high performance. Like all TEX-CEM products, this cement is manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure top quality.

  • Available in 75 lbs. bags.

Gray Masonry Type I/II

Gray Masonry Type I/II is a workhorse cement and can be used in a wide variety of construction applications. Whereas White Type I/II is more suited to finishing work or jobs that require more color uniformity, Gray Type I/II can be used for bridges, pavements, sidewalks, tunnel walls, and anywhere high-quality cement is required. Furthermore, it can also be used for interior tiles and grout products.

  • Available in 92.6 lbs bags.

Colored Masonry Type N

Colored Masonry Type N has the same quality components as the white and gray varieties but is mixed with iron oxide pigments and other materials to produce a wide spectrum of colors. Type N is useful for above-grade construction and can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces.

  • One of our newest products!

Colored Masonry Type S

Colored Masonry Type S comes in the same colors as Type N but with more than double the strength, so it can handle below-grade applications where more variations in tone and hue are required. Why mix up your own colors when you can have access to uniform, reliable shade, ready-made, and prebatched cement?

  • One of our newest products!

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We will make the ordering process easy and efficient to gain access to the wholesale cement bags you need for the job. Get in touch today to learn more !

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