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Type S Cement Uses for Commercial Projects

Buying cement shouldn’t be difficult. But we understand it can be time-consuming sorting through various buying options to determine the best cement for your specific application.

If your day-to-day involves sourcing the best product for your construction team or store customers, then SESCO Cement should be your first stop.

We stock TEX-CEM Masonry Type S in easily transportable bags so that you can access excellent high-quality cement quickly and efficiently. Learn more about Type S cement uses and how to access high-quality cement that can withstand the pressure of load-bearing applications. Brick being laid with cement.

What is Type S Masonry Cement?

But what exactly is Type S Masonry cement? Who needs it, and how does it differ from other options?

This specially-blended product is a mix of Portland Cement, limestone, plasticizers, air-entraining agents, and other modifiers that help to produce a high-performance mortar. Leveraging its strength, a variety of projects can benefit from this cement, including:

  • Masonry foundations: high compressive strength is better for building up.
  • Sewers and drainage structures: a combination of water and pressure can leave a lesser cement impaired.
  • Retaining walls: hold back rocks and dirt with extra durability and reliability.
  • Patios and walkways: high foot traffic and aesthetic concerns can be taken care of with one product.

Type S Cement Uses: Gray or White Cement?

TEX-CEM Masonry Type S cement comes in gray and white varieties, each of which maintains the same level of durability and uniformity. However, depending on the job, one product might be a better choice than the other.

Gray Masonry Type S

The gray version of TEX-CEM Type S is perfect for use in a mortar or in areas that will be covered by veneer or other materials. If color uniformity is less of a concern and your project fits into the industrial realm, gray is an excellent choice.

White Masonry Type S

If the architect or client needs a brighter product or color additives are requested in the final construction, the white version of TEX-CEM Type S should be on your list.

Manufactured for more visual color uniformity, this Type S cement maintains the same strengths as its gray counterpart while presenting better as a finishing product.

Type S vs. Type N: What’s the Difference

You’re probably also thinking about Type N cement. Why does your job need Type S over Type N? Simply put, TEX-CEM Type S is specifically formulated for higher strength levels needed in load-bearing and below-grade applications.

  • Type N maintains a compressive strength of 900 psi.
  • Type S more than doubles the strength of Type N with an impressive 2100 psi.

While either color of TEX-CEM Type N cement will meet the requirements of stucco applications and exterior wall plaster, if your job requires additional heft, Type S is the obvious choice.

SESCO Stocks the Cement You Need

SESCO Cement carries both White Masonry Type S and Gray Masonry Type S types of cement in easy-to-load 75 lb. bags.

Need multiple bags? We’ve got you covered. Our plant utilizes a state-of-the-art machine palletizing system so bags are evenly stacked and simple to move. Not only does this ensure stability on our side, but it also promises less human error and increased safety throughout the buying, loading, and transporting process.

TEX-CEM cement boasts a specialty mix of high-quality components that stand up to harsh conditions and exhibit unrivaled usability and purity. SESCO is proud to carry a full line of TEX-CEM products, so you can rest assured that all of your customers and workers can benefit from its dependability.

Benefit from the SESCO Difference

At SESCO, we know you have options when buying cement. That’s why we take pride in the little things our team does to improve your acquisition experience.

  • We are committed to sustainability and continuity. We own our manufacturing plants and have created strategic partnerships around the world to make sure you get the best product every time.
  • We operate the largest privately owned single-user cement terminal in the world , so we’ll always have what you need.
  • As you grow, we grow, too. We’re constantly adapting to market needs to serve your business better.
  • Our customer service staff is on call 24/7 to help with any and all questions your company might have before, during, or after purchase.

If you’re in the market for cement, the choice is clear.

Get in Touch Today: We’re Here to Help

If you own and operate a small business or manage a store that deals in cement, SESCO is here to help. We know there are only so many hours in the day, so our team will work hard to make your life easier. TEX-CEM Type S Masonry Cement is a quality product, and we want you to have an equally excellent experience buying from us.

Ready to talk to someone about purchasing TEX-CEM Masonry Cement? Give our helpful customer service team a call or get in contact with our plant . Our team will be more than happy to walk you through the different aspects of our products, talk to you about Type S cement uses, and help you find a distributor to receive your purchase.

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