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portland cement in bulk

Where to Buy Portland Cement in Bulk Near You

Portland cement is a basic building material that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Manufactured with calcium compounds, calcium silicate compounds, and additional iron and aluminum, it’s prized for its uniformity and usability.

Do your customers rely on you for their Portland cement needs? Do you own a masonry supply, lumber, hardware, or construction store in the Houston area that needs access to Portland cement? Learn why SESCO Cement is the answer to where to buy Portland cement in bulk. Gray bulk cement is being loaded at the SESCO terminal

Our Facility is Here to Serve You

SESCO operates a state-of-the-art terminal on Buffalo Bayou in the east end of Houston. Located within the 610 Loop just minutes from Downtown Houston, our terminal is easily accessible for quick pickups and convenient deliveries.

The terminal boasts several important features that make it clear why SESCO is a top cement supplier for our customers in Houston.

  • Our Ship Unloader is capable of unloading up to 1,600 tons of cement per hour.
  • Once unloaded, our cement goes straight to our expansive Dome Storage system.
  • We have total storage capacity of 140,000 tons across our 5 dome storage facilities.
  • Our buffer silo system is connected to truck loading lanes so products can flow directly from the domes to loading trucks.

That’s a glimpse into our robust system that enables us to satisfy each customer’s need for quality bulk cement. We don’t stop there, as we back our supply chain logistics system with industry-leading customer service.

Our terminal is open 24/7 for your convenience. Trucks can pull up to one of our four self-service bulk loading lanes to receive the products you ordered. Our efficient system ensures you gain rapid access to your order so that you can keep customers happy.

Portland Cement: Our Bulk Ordering Options

SESCO is pleased to provide a wide range of gray and white Portland cement in a few different configurations. We make it our job to provide only the best products to our customers, and all of our offerings are quality controlled to ensure above-average performance and uniformity.

Gray Portland Type I/II

Used in everything from precast concrete and stone to grout and tile to industrial projects like tunnels and bridges, Gray Portland Type I/II cement is a truly versatile product. It’s suitable for load-bearing structures or free-standing builds and boasts high compressive strength and a quick setting time.

White Portland Type I

If your customers are looking for the same kind of strength exhibited by our Gray options but need low color variability and a finish suited for more aesthetic projects, White Portland Type I cement is the obvious choice.

Useful for cast stone, statuary, or functional builds like sidewalks and pools, this premium product is manufactured from Egyptian white limestone, kaolin, and white sand to provide the highest level of color consistency and brightness.

If you need to keep Portland cement in stock at your store in the Greater Houston area, we’ll make sure you get access to the best products for the job.

Where to Buy Portland Cement in Bulk: Contact Our Terminal

Would you like to learn more about why SESCO should be your preferred bulk cement vendor? Get in touch with our helpful team to discuss bulk cement ordering options.

We’ll also provide you with more information on where to buy Portland cement in bulk at our Houston terminal.
We look forward to serving your bulk cement needs so that you can support your customers.

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