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SESCO masonry cement in gray and white bagged form

Access Masonry Cements in Gray and White for Your Customers

White and gray masonry cements are the cornerstones of myriad construction projects, making them essential products to keep stocked for your customers.

Bagged cement is often an efficient and cost-effective solution for customers who need to transport cement to job sites and other locations. Learn how SESCO Cement can help you maintain a steady inventory of cement for your customers.

Why Buy Masonry Cements in Bags?

For construction supply stores and other retailers, having bags of cement on hand is often more economical and practical than managing bulk cement. You and your customers can move the cement more easily, and SESCO will prepare the packaging for you ahead of time!

Consider the benefits of selecting bagged cement to support your customers’ needs.


Bagged cement provides flexibility in project management, allowing your customers to purchase the exact quantity needed for their specific project requirements.

Whether they’re pouring a new sidewalk or supporting a residential construction build, your customers will benefit from having access to bagged cement in the desired quantities. Having this cement readily available ensures that your customers can acquire the right amount without excess waste or shortage.


Keeping bagged cement in stock ensures immediate availability for your customers. Construction projects often have tight deadlines, and delays in material procurement can be costly.

By ensuring a consistent supply of bagged cement, your company can meet each customer’s project deadlines on a consistent basis, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Transportation and Handling

Bagged cement is convenient to transport and handle. Its packaged form makes it easier to load, unload, and transport to construction sites, even in areas with limited access or space constraints.

Plus, when you order through SESCO, you ensure moisture resistance and added durability. Each bag has an inner liner and outer paper layer designed to withstand heavy-duty job sites. The convenient packaging translates into cost savings for your customers by reducing the risk of cement spilling out or being lost in transport.

Reduced Wastage

This is a big one. Bagged cement minimizes waste as customers can purchase the exact quantity required for their project, reducing the risk of leftover material that may go unused. This not only helps in cost optimization but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing material waste.

Mitigation of Supply Chain Risks

By stocking bagged cement, your company can mitigate supply chain risks associated with fluctuations in cement production or unforeseen disruptions. Maintaining a buffer inventory safeguards against sudden shortages or price hikes, ensuring uninterrupted service to customers.

SESCO Has It In The Bag

At SESCO, we’re proud to stock both TEX-GRAY and TEX-WHITE masonry cements. Our rotary packing machines work in tandem with our automated pallet assembly line to ensure even distribution and well-balanced loads.

We offer the following products for your store:

  • TEX-GRAY Type N Masonry Cement in 70 lb. bags
  • TEX-GRAY Type S Masonry Cement in 75 lb. bags
  • TEX-WHITE Type N Masonry Cement in 70 lb. bags
  • TEX-WHITE Type S Masonry Cement in 75 lb. bags

In addition to masonry cement, we offer Portland cement in bagged quantities. Get in touch with our customer service team today to discuss your specific ordering needs.

We’ll be more than happy to walk you through the process and set up a regular delivery schedule to your location.

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