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SESCO Cement facility in Houston, Texas

A Houston Cement Company that Delivers on Your Schedule

At SESCO Cement, we recognize that your success is tied to having access to high-quality Portland cement products according to your production schedule. Fortunately, one of the things we do best is working with our clients to provide the best service on your timetable.

If you’re looking for a Houston cement company that values your time as much as you do, learn why SESCO is a clear choice to supply bulk Portland cement for your company’s needs.

Why Is Scheduling Important for Cement Orders?

We understand that timing is crucial in construction. That’s why we take extra care with our clients by offering flexible service and complete transparency on the different schedules that impact the delivery of your cement order.

Consider the different aspects we consider when providing you with reliable access to products. 


Production schedules dictate when cement should be manufactured. We work closely with our customers to balance supply and demand forecasts and raw material availability. These schedules are finely tuned to avoid overproduction or shortages, optimizing cement availability.


Transportation schedules are crucial for delivering cement to customers on time. We coordinate various transportation modes and consider factors like distance, route efficiency, and traffic conditions. The result is minimizing delivery times and costs.


Maintenance schedules are vital to keep production facilities and transportation fleets in optimal condition. We perform regular maintenance to prevent breakdowns, ensure reliability, and minimize disruptions to delivery schedules.

For example, our Houston terminal operates under a carefully planned maintenance schedule. This way, we increase our availability during peak operating hours to support your latest needs.


We accommodate unique customer delivery schedules. Our team pays close attention to your specific requirements, such as delivery windows, quantities, and locations. We focus on flexibility to meet your specific needs.


We understand the need to adhere to regulatory schedules, including environmental, safety, and compliance obligations. Our team is motivated by environmental stewardship, ensuring we support your order with health and safety in mind.

Benefits of Ordering Bulk Portland Cement from SESCO

Ordering bulk Portland cement from SESCO includes a range of benefits for frequent buyers. With gray and white Portland cement available, we ensure your projects are supported by ASTM-compliant building materials.

We stand out amongst cement suppliers in Houston for exceptional storage capacity at our terminal. Our efficient operating system ensures we can meet large volume demands on your schedule.

Our fully automated cement conveyance system includes multiple self-service truck loading lanes for bulk orders. Our seamless service extends to around-the-clock customer support and flexible scheduling to accommodate your timeline.

Plus, because we are a local business, we can make quick decisions and resolve any challenges you may experience during the ordering process. We care about providing exceptional customer service to fellow businesses in Houston.

A Houston Cement Company Ready to Partner With You

If your business is looking for a Houston cement company that takes customer satisfaction seriously, you’ve found the right business partner. We are a vertically integrated cement supplier ready to deliver high-quality cement according to your schedule.

As part of an international fleet of vessels and trucks, we’re backed by global capabilities in material transportation. We have control of our supply chain and pass that freedom along to you with streamlined deliveries when you need them.
Let’s discuss the benefits of a collaborative relationship with our company.Get in touch with our customer service team today to discuss your regular cement needs.

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